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(This is a list that I [Walt Farmer] have compiled & is not guaranteed to be either complete or entirely accurate, although it is as close as is possible & better than anyone else has remotely collected. It is free to reference, but if you make use of it, please advise of where any use will be made, and provide a credit to the author and a link to this webpage for the reader.)

Travel, Wildlife, Historical, Biographical Documentary Videos TV Programs, News Pieces, Music Videos, Rodeo, Hunting and Ski Films/Videos, Commercials, other in chronological order (by year only) as known.

This is not about Wyoming film: for information concerning the history of feature films in Wyoming, visit my Movie List webpage.

The below items are discussed in far greater detail in my newest book, "Wyoming, A History of Film and Video in the 20th Century,"  on cdrom and released at the end of 2001.

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*1954 - Roaming Wyoming, Dept. of Commerce & Industry.  Wyoming travleogue, no other info.
*1955 - In Wyoming It's Whitefish, Wyoming Game & Fish(WG&F).  Shot on the Snake River, 13 min.
1956 -Wyoming Adventure, Vacationland Studios, WY Travel Com.(WTC) & the Ford Motor Co.
195? - Wyoming's Wealth of Wildlife, WG&F. Over 50 forms of wildlife featured, 20 min.
*1957 - Wonderful Wyoming Waterways, WTC.

*1962 - Yellowstone: A World Apart, no other info.
1963 - One Day at Teton Marsh, Disney & the otters, shot in GTNP, 45 min.
1963 - Yellowstone Cubs, Disney, narrated by Rex Allen.
*1963 - Wild Country, TV series starring Jim Fowler.  Episode showed the JH elk herd & Tetons.
*1963 - Saga of Western Men, episode from ABC TV series starring Fredric March.
*1964 - Bear Country, Disney, shot in Yellowstone(YNP).
*1964 - American Spectacle, partially shot in YNP, narrated by Van Heflin.
*1964 - Wyoming Wings, WG&F film about the restoration of Canada geese to WY, 21 min.
*1966-67 - The Monroes(TV series for Fox, 26 episodes) shot in GTNP & Jackson Hole. Barbara Hershey & Ben Johnson.
*1967 - Ski on the Wild Side, Warren Miller Prod.  Numerous skiers & resorts including JH.  104 min, nar. by Warren Miller.
1967 - A Rancher's Story, Prod. & Dir. by Stuart Hagman for the Encyclopaedia Brittanica.  A Jackson area rancher, Lloyd Van Deburg, talks about raising cattle along with a couple of kids.  Shown on Capt. Kangaroo as well.  20 min.
1968-69 - America's Wonderland: The National Parks, Nat'l Geographic.
1969 - Then Came Bronson, TV series episodes: "Famine Where Famine Grows, & 3 others.  MGM/NBC, Michael Parks.
*1969 - American Sportsman, The, ABC-TV.  Curt Gowdy & Phil Harris fish for cutthroat trout on the Snake River. 
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1970 - Black Frontier, Pt. 1 of 4, "The New Americans."  Univ. of Neb. TV & station KUON.  57 min.
*1970 - World of the Beaver, aired nationally on TV, 60 min.
*1972 - Wyoming's Elk, WG&F. Elk management, migration, history, etc.  26 min.
*1973 - Portrait of My Mother, by Bonnie Kreps for Canadian Broadcast Corp.(CBC).  Shot in Jackson, 25 min.
*1974 - Stiegler: Style of a Champion, by Pepsi-Cola about resident Olympic GoldMedalist Pepi Stiegler.  No other info.
1976 - Wyoming, From the Beginning, 29 min.
*1976 - Mountain Dance, 4 pt. dance video by Bonnie Kreps for CBC, shot in Jackson, 27 min.
1977 - Americans, by Desmond Wilcox.  The Rancher Earl Hardiman,  BBC-TV Doc. series, 52 min.
*1977 - Wyoming's Bighorn Sheep, WG&FD.  Self explanatory, narrated by Slim Pickens, 27 min.
1978 - Is There an American Stonehenge?, 29 min.
*1978 - In Winter It's Whitefish, WG&FD. How to fish, cook & smoke whitefish, 15 min.
*1978 - Wyoming Lands, Private Lives, narrated by Slim Pickens, 30 min.
1979 - Challenge of Yellowstone, A National Park Film, 79 min.  Nar. by Alexander Scourby.
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*1980 - Wildlife and the Land, Pt. 1, WG&FD.  Critical problems facing wildlife ie. habitat, 26 min.
*1980 - Wildlife and the Law, WG&FD. Self explanatory, 26 min.
1981 - National Parks: Playground or Paradise, Nat'l Geographic.
1982 - Wonder of It All, narrated by Les Biegel.  92 min.
*1982 - Outdoor Courtesy, WG&FD.  Laws & unethical behavior, 15 min.
1983 - Animals in Spring & Summer, Wolfgang Bayer for Encyclopedia Britannica. 10 min., nar. by Kerry Fromkin.
1983 - Animals in Autumn & Winter, Wolfgang Bayer for Encyclopedia Britannica. 10 min., nar. by Kerry Fromkin."
1983 - CBS News Special, "Paradise Lost" Yellowstone & the bears, 47 min.
*1983 - Wildlife and the Land, Pt. 2, WG&FD. See Pt. 1, 1980, 24 min.
1984 - "Good Morning America" segment on ABC about Cody's Old Trail Town.
1984 - Cycle Vision Tours, Yellowstone.  Stationary bicycle tour video, 60 min.
1984 - Cycle Vision Tours, Grand Teton National Park.  Stationary bicycle tour video, 60 min.  Includes Town of Jackson.
*1984 - Water, The Source of Life, Werner Schumann for Guggenheim Prod., 70mm, 3D.  Only played at Louisiana World's Exposition.  River scenes on the Snake River.
*1984 - From Pole to Equator, Belgische Radio & TV.  Cody, Laramie & Cheyenne featured, 90 mn.
1985 - Cowboys East, Cowboys West, West German production. Cody Stampede, rodeo, BBHC, working ranch & the Irma Hotel w/interviews. 45 min.
1985 - Wapiti Creek: The Story of the American Elk, Grunko Films. Elk playing, bugling, fighting growing up. 74 min.
1985 - Cowgirls, Direct Cinema Ltd.  By Nancy Kelly, profiles 3 cowgirls including Melody Hanling @ the Bar Cross Ranch in Sublette Co., 30 min.
1985 - Teton Country, Travel.  Finley-Holiday Films, 30 min.
*1985 - 5,000 Kilometers of the Rockies, segment "Parting of the Waters."  TV Asahi of Japan.  Segments shot on North Two Ocean Creek, Ft. Laramie, So. Pass, GTNP, YNP, 90 min.
*1985 - ESPN program on the 13th annual Handicapped Ski Championships.  Nar. by Ted Kennedy, 30 min.
*1985 - World of Audubon, Natural Image Films.  Black footed ferrets around Meteetse & the Washakie Reservoir.
1986 - The High Country Elk Hunter, Crystal Creek Video, 30 min. 1986 - Cowboys & Cutthroats, Rocky Mountain Fishing Adventure, Grunko Films. Two fly fishermen take a 100 mile pack trip through the Teton Wilderness Area S of YNP. 52 min.
1986 - Jackson Hole, WY.  Travelview Int'l, 36 min.
1986 - How to Photograph Wildlife, Gordon Eastman Presents, 43 min., Eastman's Outdoor World.
1986 - Cowboys and Cutthroats, Rocky Mountain Fishing Adventure.  Grunko Films.  Nar. by Frank Johnson, 52 min.
1987 - Stately Wyoming, Univ. of WY Sym. Orch. & Faculty, featuring Walter Scharf.  Music w/Wyoming scenic backgrounds, 60 min.
1987 - Do You Mean There are Still Real Cowboys?, Documentary on ranch life in Big Piney, WY. Produced by Glenn Close & narrated by Robert Redford, 74 min.
1987 - Wild Wyoming: Outfitter Country.   Crystal Creek Video, 105 min., w/Gap Puchi.
1987 - Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, Nar. by Mike Koury, 47 min.
1987 - The Grizzlies, Nat'l Geographic, nar. by Peter Coyote, 60 min.
*1987 - Jack Dennis Fly Tying Basics, 90 min.
*1987 - Good Morning America, ABC-TV.  Piece about a Sheridan couple crossing the U.S. w/out any money.
*1987 - Memories of Jackson Hole, Bill Hughes & John Jalan, 30 min.
1988 - Yellowstone: The First National Park, Reader's Digest.  Nar. by William Patterson, 59 min.
1988 - Grizzly and Man: Uneasy Truce, Nat'l Audubon Soc.  Nar. by Robert Redford w/interviews w/author A.B. Guthrie & his son.  57 min.
1988 - Interview by Oberlin College with Jack Schaefer about his writings, Shane, Shane & his thoughts about the film.  55 min.
1988 - Visiting Grizzly Country, Prod. by USDA Forest Service, 11 min.
1988 - Living in Grizzly Country, Prod. by the Interagency Grizzly Bear Council.  Nar. by Rod Nichols, 11 min.
1988 - Babies of the Forest, Grunko Films.  Self explanatory.  Nar. by Ranelle Minick, 48 min.
1988 - Barnyard Babies, Grunko Films.  Self explanatory.  Nar. by Bill Grunkemeyer, 40 min.
1988 - Whitetail Autumn, Grunko Films.  Self explanatory.  Nar. by Bill Grunkemeyer, 55 min.
1988 - Care of Game Animals: Field to Freezer, Grunko Films.  Self explanatory, Nar. by Bill Grunkemeyer,  57 min.
1988 - Antelope Hunting: One on One, Grunko Films. 2 hunters-2 different styles.  Nar. by Bill Grunkemeyer,  50 min.
1988 - Babies of the Pond, Grunko Films. Mostly waterfowl babies. 43 min.
1988 - Along the Bozeman Trail,  Sheridan College & the WTC.  Nar. by Peter Simpson, 29 min.
1988 - Trophy Care, Crystal Creek Video.  Nar. by Gap Puchi, 57 min.
1988 - Teton Science School promotional video nar. by Greg Ziegler.  11 min.
*1988 - Yellowstone in the Summer of 1988, WG&FD.  Before & after the fires, 50 min.
1989 - Jackson Hole Music Festival.  CBS Sunday Morning News w/Charles Kuralt & Eugenia Zuckerman & Eric Leinsdorf & the NY Philharmonic.
1989 - Hot Winds of August, Hot Room Studios.  Nar. by Georgia Weber, 15 min.
1989 - Grand Teton National Park, Finley Holiday Films.  Nar. by Vic Perrin, 28 min.
1989 - Mule Deer Action, R.T. Eastman Prod., 60 min.
1989 - Yellowstone Nat'l Park Videotrip, Rand-McNally, 45 min.
1989 - Jackson Hole: Travel Getaway on Yellowstone National Park, KSAT-TV San Antonio, TX, 2 min.
1989 - CBS Evening News segment, "Spring in Yellowstone."  3 min.
1989 - Yellowstone: Fires of '88, Outdoor Magazine on Louisiana Public TV, 19 min.
1989 - Best of Nature, Yellowstone in Winter, Wolfgang Bayer, 53 min.  Nar. by George Page.
1989 - Open to the World Bull Riding, Laramie Co. Community College, 55 min.
*1989 - Wild America: Valley of the Elk, Marty Stouffer for PBS.  A review of the Jackson Hole Elk Herd & its problems w/disease, hunting & other issues.  28 min.
*1989 - The Wonders of the World.  Taiwanese Television produced 16, 15 min. segments about travel in Wyoming & Colorado, with a focus on Cody.
*1989 - Yellowstone: High Country Treasure, for the Discovery Channel.  50 min. about the fires of '88.
*1989 - ESPN, "The Road to the NFR," featured the Cody Nite Rodeo.
*1989 - Fox, America's Most Wanted.  Story of rogue policeman, shot in the Pinedale area. 
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1990 - Best of Nature, The Great Yellowstone Fire, Wolfgang Bayer, 53 min.
1990 - Best of Nature, Grand Teton Wilderness, Wolfgang Bayer.  Nar. by George Page, 53 min.
1990 - Best of Nature, America's Wild Horses, Wolfgang Bayer, 53 min.
1990 - Yellowstone National Park: Beautiful America Series, Wilderness Video.  Music & natural sound over videos, 58 min.
1990 - Bowhunting Record Mule Deer, R.T. Eastman Prod.  69 min.
1990 - Bighorns of Wyoming, Crystal Creek Video.  Nar. by Mark Rohde, 92 min.
1990 - A Year with the Elk of Jackson Hole, R.T. Eastman Prod., 60 min.
1990 - Llamas and Cameras, R.T. Eastman, 71 min.
1990 - Experience Wyoming, Travel video, 49 min.
1990 - Winter Wonderland of the West,  KENS-TV San Antonio, TX w/Gary DeLaune, 24 min.
1990 - The Story of Yellowstone National Park, Questar Video.  Nar. by Stanley Wessel, 65 min.
1990 - Bob Kranenberg: Keeper of the Tetons, SavaFilm, 29 min.
1990 - Wyoming Magic, nar. by Richard Farnsworth, Prod. by WTC & Horizon Pictures, 30 min.
1990 - Grand Teton National Park: This Special Legacy, BP/North American Prod.  Nar. by Morgan White w/Mardy Murie, 29 min.
1990 - National Audubon Special, Wildfire.  Nar. by James Woods about the Yellowstone fires of '88.  58 min.
*1990 - Days of Waiting, Farallon Films, Dir. by Steven Okazaki.  Story of Estelle Ishigo, Caucasian woman interned with her Nipponese husband at Heart Mountain during WWII.  Academy Award for Best Documentary Short Subject, Nar. by Dorothy Stroup.  28 min.
*1990 - On Stage, Off Stage, by UWTV.  Documents UW's Centennial Singers on a tour of Wyoming.
1991 - Town of Jackson: Wyoming Centennial, 1890-1990, Bridger Prod.  Nar. by Babe Humphrey, 48 min.
1991 - Rescue 911.  Rescue of Don Fisher on Teton Pass.  Hosted by Wm. Shatner, 17 min.
1991 - Wild Body Language, Grunko Films. How to watch wildlife. 42 min.
1991 - America's Legacy, Teaching video about hunting w/Jameson Parker, NRA, 18 min.
1991 - America's National Playgrounds: GTNP.  The Discovery Channel, nar. by Jim Humphries, 43 min.
1991 - Hunting Prairie and Mountain Mule Deer, Grunko Films. Self explanatory, nar. by Bill Grunkemeyer, 53 min.
1991 - War in the West, The, Vol. 1: Ft. Phil Kearney, The Hated Post on the Little Piney.  The Old Army Press, nar. by Jerry Keenan, 31 min.
1991 - Workin' Man's Dollar, country-western music video by Chris LeDoux, shot near Kaycee.  Capitol Records, 2:44, produced by Acme Pictures, Inc.
1991 - Experience the West, Creative Vision, Prod. by Kevin Guest.  Overview of 17 national parks including the 3 from WY.  60 min.
1992 - Geysers of Yellowstone, The, Finley Holiday Films & the Discovery Channel.  Nar. by Josh Bryant, 46 min.
1992 - Entertainment Tonight, interview w/Harrison Ford about The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.  1 min.
1992 - The Wonders of Yellowstone: The Place Where Hell Bubbled Up & the Grand Tetons, Panorama Int'l Prod., 90 min.
1992 - Scenic Wonders of America: Land of Shining Mountains, Reader's Digest.  Nar. by Sydney Walker, about Glacier NP & GTNP, 37 min.
1992 - Extreme Bucks, R.T. Eastman Prod., 46 min.
1992 - Extreme Bucks, Part 2, R.T. Eastman Prod., 44 min.
1992 - The Beauty of the Beast.  Research of the grizzly bear in YNP on "The New Explorers" w/Bill Kurtis, 21 min.
1992 - The Great Adventure, Music(religious) video by Steven Curtis Chapman, shot in GTNP at Pfeiffer Cabins & Moulton Barn, 4 min.  How the video was made by Sparrow Music, 28 min. in NY, Nashville & Jackson.
*1992 - Ft. Bridger Rendezvous, Worldwide Childhood Foundation by Sam Senkow, Rap Productions.  Dedicated to "Reginald & Gladys Laubin, Friends of Ft. Bridger."
*1992 - The Story of the Oregon Trail, Boettcher/Trinklein TV Inc., 60 min.
*1992 - Story about the Donner Party.  Filmed by Ric Burns for PBS, w/segment in Sweetwater Co.
1993 - Nature: Coyote, American Trickster, Franz Camenzind.  Nar. by George Page, 55 min.
1993 - Grisan, gone Wild Video.  Nar. by Jeff Halmon,  50 min.
1993 - Exploring America: Jackson Hole, TNN Travel Video, 20 min.
1993 - Yellowstone: A Winter Sensation, A Nat'l Park Film, 11 min.
1993 - Wyoming's Wonderful Wildlife, Grunko Films.  Nar. by Bill Grunkemeyer, 30 min.
1993 - War in the West, Vol. 2: Ft. Caspar, Gateway to the North Platte, The Old Army Press, 27 min.
1993 - No Doubt About It, Country music video by Neal McCoy, shot near Gros Ventre River, Blacktail Butte, in GTNP, 4 min. in B&W.
1993 - Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.  Dir: George Lucas.  Episode with opening and closing segments in GTNP w/Harrison Ford cameos.
1993 - No Fear of Flying: An Image of Virginia Huidekoper, SavaFilm, 28 min.
1993 - Kodak Guide to Yellowstone National Park, VideoTrip.  50 min.
*1993 - The Real West, A&E Network.  Used a reenactment segment shot near Buffalo for the Johnson Co. War.
*1993 - This Old House, PBS, Norm Abram works on Anderson Lodge in the Washakie Wilderness.
*1993 - Return of the Wolves, KUED Salt Lake City.  Shot in Yellowstone, 58 min.  Univ. of Utah Press.
1993, 97 - CBS Sunday Morning News, 3 closing nature pieces, 3 min. each.
1994 - Hunter/Warrior of the Plains, Grunko Films. 2 Plains Indian boys as they learn tracking, scouting & shooting from their father. 47 min. Date? War in the West, The, Vol. 1: Fort Phil Kearny, The Hated Post on the Little Piney, The Old Army Press, 27 min.
1994 - Bar J Wranglers in Concert, WY Public TV & KTSC-TV.  Shot in Riverton, 25 min.
1994 - Wildflowers of Yellowstone, Jensen-Schenck Prod., hosted by Earl Jensen, 54 min.
1994 - Good Morning America, ABC, Chantal doing female rock climbing segment in GTNP.
1994 - Yellowstone: The Legacy of a Park, Una Vaca Films, 50 min.
1994 - Jingle Bells, Bebe & CeCe Winans Xmas music video at Grand Targhee Ski Resort & Jackson Hole, 3 min.
1994 - Find My Way Home, Kieran Kane Country music video at Crescent H Ranch & Teton Pass, 5 min.
1994 - Freedom on Skis, Mike Emmer & B ridger Prod.  Nar. by Sander Larson at Jackson Hole Ski Resort.
1994 - The Man and the Mountains: Paul Petzoldt, KUED-PBS.  Ken Verdoia, 57 min.
1994 - Jackson Hole and the Grand Tetons, Una Vaca Prod. originally for the Japanese market, 50 min.
1994 - The White Stuff USA, U.S. Pro Ski Tour on ESPN, 25 min.
1994 - Bears, Bears, Bears.   Crystal Creek Video, 75 min.
*1994 - Discovering Yellowstone, Stanbrook Inc.  Nar. by John McCann, 38 min.
*1994 - ESPN, Ski World: Extreme Athletes.
1995 - Sneaux Zone, shot at JH Ski Resort, 10 min.
1995 - Primetime Live, ABC news magazine story about grizzlies, 12 min.
1995 - Yellowstone: Realm of the Coyote, National Geographic Films Explorer.  Nar. by Keith David, 58 min.
1995 - Wolves & Men, CBS Sunday Morning, 8 min. w/Anthony Mason.
1995 - The Yellowstone Tourist: Evolution in the Pleauring Ground, Plurabelle Prod. & WPTV, Dir. by Bruce Fiordalisi.  Self Explantory, w/footage dating back to 1899.  29 min.
1995 - The Yellowstone Tourist: Evolution in the Pleasuring Ground.  PBS & WPTV program w/old clips of YNP in the early days.  Nar. by Jon Cobes, guests include YNP archivist Lee Whittlesey, former Supt. Robert Barbee, Jack Turner, Virginia Huidekoper, David Love & others, discussing classes of tourists, coaches, trains, cars & hotels.  29 min.
*1995 - Cody Stampede, ESPN special on the rodeo, 1 hr.
*1995 - ESPN, Ski World: Extreme Athletes.
*1995 - E! Entertainment TV.  Story of CES Celebrity Ski event in JH.
*1995 - Canis Lupus Returns, by UWTV.  Return of wolves from Canada to Yellowstone & Idaho.  58 min.
1996 - Murder, She Wrote episode "Tracks of a Soldier,"  insert shots of wildlife in GTNP, 45 min.
1996 - Call of the Wild, promotional video for JHSR by Warren Miller Entertainment after making of Endless Winter.  7:30.
1996 - Great Park Adventures: GTNP, Venture Prod.  Hosted by Russell Shimoska, 22 min.
1996 - National Geographic Society's Don't Say Goodbye.  10 min. segment w/black footed ferret & photographers Susan Middleton & David Litschwager.  Nar. by James Woods.
1996 - Outlaws and Lawmen, produced by Barrk Clark for the Discovery Channel.  Created by Jackson local John Byrne Cooke, the 4-pt. documentary tells the stories of the famous & infamous between the 1860s & the 1930s.  Partially shot in WY, each episode runs 50 min.
1996 - Morning, Mannheim Steamroller, music video in Y'stone fm. "Yellowstone, Music of Nature." 3 min.  American Gramophone Records.
1996 - Survival of the Yellowstone Wolves, TBS Destination Sunday, 44 min. w/Matthew Fox (actor on Fox series "Party of Five").  Documentary later appeared on DVD release of IMAX film Wolves.  46 min., Wild! Life Adventures by Busch Prod. for the National Wildlife Federation.  Story of the return of wolves to YNP with numerous interviews.
1996 - The Jackson Whole Vacation, Campbell Film & Video Int'l.  Travelogue, 16 min.
1996 - Guide to Yellowstone National Park, Kodak, 50 min.
1996 - Bay Area Backroads, San Francisco TV(KRON) travel show about YNP, GTNP, the BBHC, Jackson & the Beartooth Highway, 26 min.
1996 - Great Country Inns, Lost Creek Ranch in GTNP & Jackson area highlighted. 25 min. on the Learning Channel.
1996 - Mardy Murie: Grandmother of Nature, 12 min.
1996 - ESPN Ski World w/Bob Beattie, 22 min.
1996 - Travelers, Discovery Channel, young people visit Jackson's Old West Days, 46 min.
1996 - Teton Wilderness, travelogue.
1996 - NBC Today Show in YNP w/Bryant Gumbel & Katie Couric, 50 min.
1996 - BBC-TV, Way Out West, produced & directed by Christine Hall.  Humorous documentary about a Brit (Richard Wilson) who visits the David Ranch near Daniel, WY.  Also talks w/James Drury, Tammy Wynette, Tom Selleck & Henry Darrow.  47 min.
*1996 - Wild Animals at Play, Grunko Films.  Nar. by Bill Grunkemeyer, 40 min.
*1996 - Foothill Grouse, Grunko Films.  Nar. by Bill Grunkemeyer, 40 min.
*1996 - Pronghorn Antelope: American Sprinter, Grunko Films.  Nar. by Bill Grunkemeyer, 35 min.
*1996 - Disney story on the return of wolves to YNP.
*1996 - E! Entertainment TV story of CES Celebrity Ski event in JH.
*1996 - Wolves and Wapiti, Karvonen Films.  Largely shot in Yellowstone, no other info, 25 min.
1997 - CBS Sunday Morning, segment "Islands" w/David Quammen, 8 min.
1997 - Travels with Harry, CBS Sunday Morning in YNP, 5 min.  Harry Smith visting Steven Fuller.
1997 - Travels with Mom, Canadian program w/the Fullerton family.  Scenes in YNP, GTNP, Jackson/Dubois area, 25 min.
1997 - The Learning Channel, Blastmasters-The Science of Explosion.  11 min. segment at Thunder Basin(coal) mine near Wright, WY.
1997 - Wild Discovery: Animals of the Rockies, Discovery Channel.  Nar. by Neil Dainard, 47 min.
1997 - Wild Discovery: Yellowstone to Yukon: The Wild Heart of North America, Discovery Channel & CBC.  Nar. by David Suzuki, 47 min.
1997 - Bar-J Wranglers, WY Public TV & KTSC in Pueblo, CO., 25 min.
1997 - 100th Anniv., Cheyenne Frontier Days, PBS, 62 min.
1997 - CBS Evening News report of bison slaughter in YNP, Roger O'Neill, 3 min.
1997 - Yellowstone, America's Eden, Scandinature Films & BYU.  History of the park, nar. by Tony Larimer, 52 min.
1997 - The Natural Wonders of America: The Grand Tetons, Capital Films.  Travelogue of the park, nar. by Pat Hughes, 26 min.
1997 - Nature on PBS, Yellowstone: Otters, Partridge Films.  Produced & Photographed by Bob Landis, Nar. by James Naughton, 55 min.
1997 - Dude Ranches Out West: Then and Now.  ABD Prod., 27 min.  Highlights the HF Bar, Eaton and Triangle X dude ranches in WY.
*1997 - A&E's Castles, featured Sheridan's Trail End mansion.
*1997 - Four Seasons in the Wild, Grunko Films, 55 min.
*1997 - CBS's "I-Witness" program featured the Cody Nite Rodeo.
*1997 - The West, PBS.  Some shot near Lander.
*1997 - Fox Sports: Board Wild.  Several half hour programs about snowboarding produced by Mike Emmer.
*1997 - Black Pioneers: True Faces of the West.  Prod. by UWTV, chronicles presence and contributions of black settlers in WY & nearby states.  Pt. I is 20 min., Part II is 20 min.
1998 - "How'd They Do That?"  TV program's episode "Wolf Returns to Yellowstone," 11 min.
1998 - Heart of the Rockies, Discovery Channel(Glacier, YNP, Yosemite). Just YNP-? min.
1998 - Unsolved Mysteries, story about "Pat Brown."   Amnesia victim in Jackson or hoax perpetrator?  10 min. shot before his past as Carl Brodnik, JR. was discovered.
1998 - ESPN, Women's Downhill Alpine Ski Championship at JHMR, 42 min.
1998 - Nature: American Bison,Spirit of a Nation, PBS, by Franz Camenzind.  Nar. by Keith Carradine, 55 min. on the fall & rise of the American bison.  Recovery w/Indians & in YNP.
1998 - ESPN's Ski World w/Bob Beattie, 17 min. at JHMR.
1998 - John Denver, Let This Be A Voice, Nature on PBS.  Nar. by Peter Coyote, 55 min.
1998 - ESPN, Canon Photo Safari, Photographing bighorn sheep near Dubois.  25 min.
1998 - NBC & CBS news reports on YNP 10 yrs. after the fires of '88.  10 min.
1998 - CNN report on YNP bison, 3 min.
1998 - Several network reports about hate crime at UWYO, 10 min.
1998 - ABC's 20/20 story about "Pat Brown."  18 min.
1998 - ABC Evening News report about WY economy, 3 min.
1998 - Peak Hi, Freeride Skiing in Jackson Hole, Japanese travel/ski video of JHMR, Grand Targhee, YNP, 40 min.
1998 - Polishing the Jewel, WY Transportation Center & Learning Museum.  Description of training in WY, tour of the converted Union Pacific Depot in Cheyenne, nar. by Dave Lerner, 29 min.
1998 - America's Great Parks, Discovery Channel.  Shot by Mike Emmer, 2 hrs.
1998 - Elk of the Northern Herd, Trailwood Films.  Yellowstone elk herd is discussed from its inception to conflicts with bears, coyotes & other.  Director and Cinematographer - Bob Landis.  Nar. by John Flynn.   27 min.
1998 - The Rockies by Rail, Driftwood Prod. in assoc. w/Oregon Public Broadcasting.  Denver to Portland by train through the Rockies w/emphasis on YNP & GTNP, nar. by Paul Herlinger, 55 min.
1998 - Alan Ladd: The True Quiet Man - Interviews with David Ladd, Anthony Caruso, Don Murray, others, about the man Alan Ladd, his life & his work.  Wombat Prod., 54 min.
*1998 - Pryor Mountain Wild Horses, Grunko Films.  Nar. by Bill Grunkemeyer, 55 min.
*1998 - Unsolved Mysteries, story about the mysterious disappearance of Dubois resident, Amy Wroe Bechtel, 25 min.
*1998? - Unsolved Mysteries, story about 1984 bomb/hostage event at Cokeville Elem. School. 10 min.
*1998 - E! Entertainment TV story about CES Celebrity Ski event in JH.
*1998 - The Compete Yellowstone, Holiday Video, nar. by Joseph Campanella, 60 min.
*1998 - Discovering Yellowstone, Starbrook Productions, nar. by John McCann, 35 min.
*1998 - The Black 14, by UWTV.  1969 incident involving suspension of black football players at UW for unauthorized protest against BYU at football game.  Nar. by Melinda Bobo, 54 min.
*1998 - Laramie Tonight: Matthew Shepard, prod. by UWTV.  Examined ordeal of gay UW student Shepard. 28 min.
1999 - Crown Jewels of the Rocky Mountains, Panoramic Film & Video Enterprises.  Travelogue of Glacier, Yellowstone, Grand Teton and Rocky Mountain National Parks, 90 min.
1999 - The Mountain Men, Greystone Prod. w/The History Channel.  History of mountain men, some in particular like Jim Bridger, Joe Walker, Jim Beckwourth.  94 min.
1999 - E! Entertainment TV program "Celebrity Homes" segment with Connie Stevens in Jackson.  7 min.
1999 - National Geographic Explorer segment on YNP.  Cutthroat trout in the food chain.  27 min.
1999 - Wild Discovery, The Northern and Central Rockies, The Discovery Channel.  Seasons in the Rockies w/focus on GTNP & YNP, 55 min. nar. by Graham Greene.
1999 - Univ. of Wyoming program via a religious satellite channel.  58 min. of Univ. Professor describing various dinosaurs.
1999 - Secrets of the Horse Whisperer with Grant Gollifer, 35 min.
1999 - Going Places: Winter In Yellowstone, PBS, narrated by James Avery.  56 min.  Svl. sets of tourists are followed about the Jackson Hole/Yellowstone area, sightseeing & shopping.
1999 - Modern Marvels: Forts - History Channel.  Written and produced by Joanne Fish, Produced by Bruce Nash for Actuality Productions.  8 min.
1999 - E! - Mysteries and Scandals - Alan Ladd, 21 min.
*1999 - Varmints.  Dir. by Doug Hawes-Davis & High Plains Films for Bullfrog Films.  Story of hunting & killing of small animals, mostly prairie dogs, for sport in the west.  1915 footage included.  91 min.
*1999 - Unsolved Mysteries, segment about disappearance of Dubois resident Amy Wroe Bechtel, missing since July 1997.  15  min., hosted by Robert Stack.
*1999 - Firefight: Stories from the Frontlines, 44 Blue Productions and The Learning Channel, 50 min.
*1999 - American Wolves - Prod. by The Discovery Channel.  Lives of the gray and red wolves in YNP, Canada, AZ & AK.  Nar. by Francis Chapman, 50 min. 
To order a copy of either cdrombook about all these films in detail, click here.
2000 -  August, all networks on their Sunday press shows interviewing Vice-Presidential candidate Dick Cheney from his Jackson home.
2000 -  August, ABC Evening News, story about Spanish Mustangs at Oshoto, WY, 2:40.
2000 -  August, CBS Evening News, story about the WY wildfires, focusing on Flagg Ranch & YNP, 2 min.
2000 -  Sept., CBS Sunday Morning, video segment featuring grizzly bears in YNP, 2 min.
2000 -  Discovery Channel News, JH resident tells story about being attacked by grizzly bear in Alaska.  7 min.
2000 -  Various, Rulon Gardner of Afton, wins Olympic Gold Medal in Greco-Roman wrestling and appears on many different TV shows, 10 min.
2000 -  Discovery Channel News, stories about Yellowstone NP: lake trout, grizzlies, elk & undiscovered waterfalls.  23 min.
2000 -  NBC Even. News, story about previously undiscovered waterfalls in Yellowstone.  3 min.
2000 - Discovery Channel News, story about end of snowmobiles in Yellowstone & their conflicts with wildlife, 6 min.
2000 - Restore America on Home and Garden TV.  Bob Vila story about John & Pam Mortensen's restored home in Wilson.  5 min.
2000 - Conscience and the Constitution, 85 Japanese-Americans refuse to be drafted while at Heart Mountain.  68 min., Nar. by George Takei & Mako.
2000 - PBS,  The Living Edens: Yellowstone, American Sacred Wilderness.  Focus on wolves, elk, coyote, bears & bison.  Nar. by Paul Schullery.  55 min.
2000 - The History Channel: The Rockies, Episode 1, The Explorers, 46 min.  Story about the exploration of the Yellowstone by the Hayden Expedition.  Episode 4, Taming the Mountains, 46 min.  Story about the establishment of Grand Teton National Park.
2000 - Yellowstone, The Fabric of a Dream, Foothills Group Prod., Dir., Prod. & Photographed by Nicholas.  Yellowstone set to music, 65  min.
*2000 - ABC Nightline with Chris Bury.  Bison/brucellosis issue between State of Montana and Yellowstone Nat'l Park.  Interview with YNP Supt. Mike Finley and MT Gov. Marc Racicot.  25 min., Feb.
 *2000 -  Feb., 60 Minutes II, Dan Rather interviews American commander of nuclear weapons & his Russian counterpart.  Shows Minuteman missile silos near F.E. Warren AFB, 25 min.  (The author of this website was a Titan II Missile Crew Cmdr. & Procedures Trainer Operator at Little Rock AFB, AR)
*2000 - The Yellowstone and the Madison: One After Another.  Alton Coulter and John Bailey fish both rivers in this film by Grunko Films, 55 min.
*2000 - Hunt Bighorn Sheet with Jim Zumbo.  Zumbo and outfitter Nate Vance hunt in the Teton Wilderness.  Grunko Films, 60 min.
*2000 - Survivors of the Fire: Yellowstone's Elk. The elk after the fires of '88.  Grunko Films, 55 min.
2000 - Killing Coyote, High Plains Films.  Story of how coyotes are trapped, shot & poisoned in America, w/tax dollars.  Sport contests included, but coyotes continue to thrive.  28, 57 & 83 min. versions.
*2000 - Wind River.  Dir. Drury Gunn Carr and High Plains Films for Bullfrog films.  Story of water rights conflicts between Whites, Shoshone and No. Arapaho Indians on the Wind River Indian Reservation.  34 min.
*2000 - Arctic Dance: The Mardy Murie Story.  Production by Bonnie Kreps & Charlie Craighead with narration by Harrison Ford.  Life in the environmental movement & her life with husband Olaus, especially in Alaska.
2001 - Extra, story about plane crash involving actress Sandra Bullock at Jackson Hole airport.  1 min.
*2000  - Discover America and Its National Parks, Holiday Video, 90 min.
*2000 - A Vision for a New Wyoming Economy, from UWTV.  Examined Wyoming's slow growth during an 8 yr. period when the U.S. realized robust growth.  Nar. by Bob Beck, 84 min.

21st Century
2001 - HGTV Modern Masters, Jan. program w/featurette about Jackson furniture maker Halsey Hewson of Fox Creek Furniture.
2001 - ABC Even. News, story about undiscovered waterfalls in Yellowstone NP.  3 min.
2001 - Living Edens: Yellowstone, America's Secret  Eden.  Follows grizzlies, lions, foxes & coyotes through their daily lives & discusses Park conservation efforts.  Nar. by Paul Schullery.
2001 - NBC, Ford Downhill Series at JHMR  featuring Tommy Moe, 30 min.
2001 - CBS Evening News report about Chronic Wasting Disease in the west, 4 min.
2001 - Vendetta: Johnson County Cattle War - History Channel, Weller-Grossman Prod.  History of the famous fight with the cattlemen near Buffalo, WY.  Nar. by David Ackroyd, 45 min.
2001 - The Grand Teton Music Festival Presents Music in the Hole 2000.  Prod. by Savafilm with Lone Eagle Productions & the GTMF.  Nar. by Harrison Ford, 12 min. promotional video of the Festival's 4th of July concert.
2001 - National Geographic Explorer segment Yellowstone Wild.  Shot by Jeff Hogan, Andy Mitchell, Leine Stikkel.  Focus on grizzly bears, owls and beavers in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. While many shots were not made in YNP, most of the production was done there. Also used were the Teton Wilderness and/or the Gros Ventre Nat'l Forest.  Nar. by Lance Lewman, 27 min. (Thanks Jeff.)
2001 - El Caballo, High Plains Films, A Fund for Animals Picture.  Shot by Drury Gunn Carr and Doug Hawes-Davis.   Story about the life and abuses of wild horses in the American West, 30 min.
2001 - Yellowstone: America's Sacred Wilderness, part of the Living Eden film series on public television, produced by Shane Moore.  Another of many doucmentaries concerning Yellowstone, Jackson Hole & their abundant wildlife.  Nar. by Paul Schullery, 50 min.
*2001 - The Buffalo War, produced & directed by Matt Testa & Buffalo Jump Pictures Inc.  Story interweaves ranchers w/Native Americans, & environmentalists, over bison slaughter in Yellowstone area.  RT unk.
*2001 - ESPN2 Destination Outdoors, featured Grand Targhee's Snowcat Powder Adventures.
*2001 - ABC Even. News report about American military, with use of PeaceKeeper missile sites at F.E. Warren AFB.  3 min.
*2001 - Wyoming Public Television, program about earthquakes in Wyo, history, facts, potential, from the Wyo State Geological Survey.  Dir. by Tony Pederson, Prod. & Tony Pederson, Mike McElreath & Jim Case, Nnar. by Heather Feeney.    57 min.
*2001 - Evening Magazine show in Feb. for KING-TV Seattle, aired a 20 sec. segment on how chicken could be cooked in a thermal area of YNP.  They were fined ($150.) & placed on probation (2 yrs.) from the Park for their stupidity.  Seems they dug an unauthorized  hole near a geyser to make the demonstration.  Crew members acknowledged how they were a bunch of "dumb clucks."  Segment ran 20 sec.
*2001 - Earthquakes in Wyoming, prod. by UWTV & the WGS.  Nar. by Heather Feeney, film discusses history, planning, damage prevention & other aspects of WY earthquakes.  58 min.To order a copy of either cdrombook about all these films in detail, click here.
2002 - Lewis and Clark, Big Challenge, National Geographic Explorer, making of the new IMAX film.  Scenes along the Snake River south of Hoback.  Nar. by Boyd Matson, 29 min.
2002 - Hidden Yellowstone, Secret Places, Travel Channel.  Tells about old stage coaches, hidden waterfalls & geysers, sunken boats & torn down hotels.  Nar. by Wendie Malick, 44 min.
2002 - Mustang: America's Wild Horse, Gone Huntin' Video.  An inconsequential video about wild horse/burro auctions filmed in Riverton w/training sessions in Wheatland.  Nar. by Tony Nafe on RFD-TV.  20 min.
2002 - Revealed: with Jules Asner.  E! Channel biography of Harrison Ford w/scenes of his aircraft & rescue work/home life in JH.  45 min.
2002 - CBS Sunday Morning segment on swans E of Cody.  2 min.
2002 - Washakie/Chief/Shoshone - WPTV - Story of Washakie & the Eastern Shoshone.  Prod. by Kyle Nicholoff, Nar. by George Peck, various historians contributing.  57 min.
*2002 - Destination Outdoors, ESPN2, Barrett Productions.  Program focused on rock climbing, ski-joring & fly fishing in Park Co.
*2002 - Yellowstone: A Symphony of Fire and Water.  High definition film premiered at Yellowstone Visitor Center replacing one that ha dbeen shown for previous 25 yrs.  Interviews, hydrothermal features, animations, 14 min.  25 min. version available for sale.
*2002 - Only the Beginning. Produced by Dwayne Ridgway & SledX.  Freestyle snowmobiling video featuring riders from Jackson area: Dan Adams, Ashley Reily, Chad Ridgway, Shad & Ty Free.    Snowmobiles jumping, climbing, turning, wrecks and water skipping.  55 min.
*2002 - Vertically Pinned.  Produced by Dwayne Ridgway & SledX.  Footage of snowmobilers on the Rocky Mtn. Snowmobile Hillclimb Assoc. circuit.  45 min.
*2002 - Washakie, Chief of the Shoshone.  Documents Chief Washakie from birth in the Salish Tribe through times with the Lemhi Shoshone & Bannock Tribes & insights of the man behind the legend.  No other info.
*2002 - Whoopee. Produced by Darrell Miller for Peak Feeners.  "Ski" film includes personalities such as John Griber, Suzanne Staehr, Jen Porter, others.  45min.
*2002 - Washakie: Chief of the Shoshone - Documentary on the famous chief's life produced by Wyoming Public TV.
*2002 - ABC 20/20, story about 2 girls from Gillette and Worland, one White, one Hispanic, switched at birth in the hospital, & how the mistake was found out & the subsequent reunions.  20 min.

2003 - CBS Sunday Morning closing segment shot in Jackson Hole. 1 min.
2003 - Monster Garage on The Discovery Channel.  Program to turn a Mini-Cooper car into a snowmobile to race famed driver Richard Petty in his home at Alpine, WY.  Race only constitutes the last 5 min. of the show.  44 min.
2003 - CBS Sunday Morning closing segment of grizzlys in the Beartooths.  May, 1 min.
2003 - CBS Sunday Morning segment about Pres. Bush's environmental policies.  Partially shot in GTNP w/Terry Bowen & Gale Norton.  9 min, 8/31/03.
*2003 - Animal Planet - Moose Mania, program about effects of grizzly bears and wolves on the moose population.  50 min.  Peter Roberts, Joel Berger, shot mostly in JH.
*2003 - CBS Evening News - Story about killing of mountain lions and organization being set up to counteract hunters.  Interview with Tom Mangelson.  2 min.

2004 - CBS Evening News - Story about W. Yellowstone & snowmobile cutbacks in YNP w/Sandra Hughes, 2 min.
2004 - CBS Sunday Morning - Big Horn sheep in WY, 1 min.
2004 - National Geographic Ultimate Explorer - "One Wild Ride: Yukon to Yellowstone."  Nick Baker drives from the north Yukon to Yellowstone to talk about the diminishment of the wildlife corridor.  Poor.  43 min.
2004 - PBS, Nature: The Good, the Bad, and the Grizzly.  Moore and Moore Prod. for WNET.  The future of the grizzly bear in the GYE and Yellowstone NP w/reps from the WY Game & Fish Dept., David Mattson, Louisa Willcox & Steve French.  Nar. by Chris Cooper.  56 min.
2004 -  CBS Sunday Morning - segment on bison in YNP, 1 min.
2004 - HDNet - Story about cannoneer competition at Gilette, WY, 10 min.
2004 - Discovery HD Theater - Sunrise Earth: Teton Beaver.  Scenic sunrise at Schwabacher Landing in GTNP.  Photography by Doug Bertran & David Conover, 51 min.
2004 - Discovery HD Theater - Fantastic Festivals of the World - Green River Rendezvous Festival in Pinedale, WY - Highlights of the festival  & the area.  Produced & photographed by Mark Pingrey, narrated by Jeff Gentes, 48 min.
2004 - The History of Yellowstone: The Discovery - Voom Equator Channel in HDTV.  Discusses the history of the discovery of the Yellowstone area, especially on the story of John Colter.  Interviews with Lee Whittlesey, others.  Little Bighorn Productions.  Written, edited and photographed by Jack Hubbell, Produced by J. Randall Hubbell.  56 min.
2004 - Jackson Hole Story - for KUED-TV & Univ. of Utah.  Prod./Dir./Ed. by Joe Prokop, Written by Heidi Prokop, Nar. by Babe Humphrey, Vid. by Gary Turnier & Dan Schaerrer.  Visits with Cliff Hansen, Jack Huyler, Jackie Skaggs, Robert Righter, Bob Kranenberg, others.  56 min.
*2004 - Acceptable Risk, a documentary by Greg Winston about climbing rescues in GTNP & the Wind River Range.
*2004 - Investigating History - docudrama  by Bill Kurtis Prod. about the 1857 Mountain Meadows Massacre on the Fancher imigrant wagon train by Indian clad representatives of Mormon Militia.  History Channel.  Filmed on the A Bar A Ranch near Encampment.
*2004 - Nat'l Geographic Ultimate Explorer: "One Wild Ride: Yukon to Yellowstone" - 5,000 mi. by truck w/host Nick Baker.    Produced, written, directed & filmed by Lawrence Cumbo.  Made to focus on the Y2Y (Yellowstone to Yukon Initiative) which seeks to safeguard & maintain what it calls a "life-sustaining web" of wildlife cores & movement corridors in the region w/balanced land-use decision making based on ecological principles.
*2004 - CBS Evening News - Story about Yellowstone and the growing & potentially explosive bulge under Yellowstone Lake.  2 min.
*2004 - Lehrer Report, PBS, 10 min. story about funeral of Marine Pfc Chance Phelps in Dubois on 4/10/04, killed 2 wks. earlier in Ramadi, Iraq.
*2004 - "Best of Fried Sides" on the Food Network, June, featuring the Wild Sage restaurant at the Rusty Parrot Lodge in Jackson w/Chef Kyle Walker.
*2004 - Sunrise Earth: Western Ranch - Shot on the Triangle X Ranch in Jackson Hole.  Produced & Directed by David Conover (Compass Light Inc.) & photographed by Conover & Doug Bertran, for Discovery HD Theater.  50 min.
*2004 -Wyoming Voices, from the People Who Lived It - WY Public TV, a brief history of Wyoming w/many "old-timers" & historians, nar. by George Jurata for KCWK-TV, 60 min.
*2004 - Acceptable Risk - A Greg Winston documentary about the history of climbing rescues in the Grand Tetons.  60 min.

2005 - 60 Minutes 2 - Segment on oil/gas drilling in the west where the landowner has no property rights over drillers with subsurface permits.  Dan Rather travels to Gillette to interview: George Smith, John Kennedy, Don Spellman, Eric Burrell, Marjorie & Bill West.  10 min.
2005 - Travel Channel - Dreaming Big: Amazing Campgrounds - Madison Campground in Yellowstone.  Kaos Entertainment, Prod. by Bryce Hall, Nar. by J. V. Martin, 10 min.
2005 - ABC Evening News - 2 min. piece at end of broadcast about attorney Jerry Spence & others who tax cheat by not using big money to aid charities as per a loophole in the tax laws.
2005 - Discovery Channel - Movie and documentary about potential for supervolcano at YNP.  YNP staffers, Dr. Smith from Univ. of UT, Tom Brokaw, others.  2 hrs. 10 min.
2005 - April 16, Travel Channel - Wide Open Spaces: Wyoming & Montana - What to see in these 2 states. Author of this website featured in the program.  45 min.
2005 - 60 Minutes, "Not in My Backyard" report about grizzlies in NW WY & problems with management near Cody, Basin & YNP, Leslie Stahl.  13 min.
2005 - CBS Evening News - John Blackstone report on possible removal of grizzly bears from Endangered Species List.  2 min.
2005 - Discovery HD Theater - Mark Pingry Productions - Green River Rendezvous Festival: Off the Beaten Path.  About the Festival in Pinedale, WY.  Interviews w/Dr. Fred Gowans, Mayor Rose Skinner, re-enactors, Half Moon Resort & other outfitters.  48 min.
2005 - Travel Channel - $40. A Day - Rachel Ray's show about dining in different locales on $40. a day.  Show in Jackson Hole showing 4 area restaurants: The Bunnery, The Sweetwater, The Brew Pub, and Rendezvous Bistro, along with a several tourist spots to visit.  21 min.

2005 - CBS program The Amazing Race:Family Edition.  Shot in Yellowstone, Dubois & Cody, where families compete in a race that eliminates one family each weekly segment.  42 min.
2005 - CBS Sunday Morning - closing beauty segment shot in Yellowstone.
2005 - CBS Evening News - continuing segment about rising gas prices in U.S.  This segment shot in Wamsutter about new gas fields and need for roughnecks.  3 min.
2005 - Frisky, Furry and Fearsome, Ambassador Video.  Wildlife centered and a traveler's overview of wildlife in Glacier NP, Mt. Rainier NP, Yellowstone NP, Rocky Mountain NP and Great Smoky Mountains NP.  Executive producer - Ron and Sandra Cekot, Nar. by Dick Rodstein.  57 min.
2005 - National Parks: Train Rides - for the Travel Channel - Luxury train (show excerpt) from Montana to Idaho Falls with detours for travelers to YNP & GTNP.  Prod. by Bellevue Entertainment II LLC, Nar. by David Gee.  9 min.
*2005 - Travel Channel - Yellowstone: 1st National Park - HD production about generic Yellowstone NP.  Lee Whittlesey featured.  50 min.
*2005 - Science Channel - Documentary about major eruption taking place in YNP, 1 hr.

2006 - Fred Kingwill and Susan Kingwill of Jackson appear on Dr. Phil show w/background shots of Jackson interspersed.  They do a segment about Fred's platonic relationships with old girlfriends & Susan's disdain of them.  16 min.
2006 - Animal Planet - Get Out There, Wilder family from So. Calif., visit GTNP in the fall to see all types of wildlife.  Steve Cain, other GTNP rangers, explain.  45 min.
*2006 - Science Channel: BBC & the Discovery Channel: Wolf Battlefields - Timber wolves in Yellowstone?, Targhee NF?,  & elsewhere. 50 min.
2006 - PBS Nature - Christmas in Yellowstone by Shane Moore.   The white Xmas experienced by the wildlife in Yellowstone.  55 min.
2006 - WPTV - Great Drives: Wyoming, Michael Rose Productions.  Travels include Indian petroglyphs, fossils, YNP & GTNP.  25 min.  Nar. by Michael Rose.
*2006 - Animal Planet - Natural World: Big Sky Bears - Lives of twin bear cubs supposedly in the Grand Tetons, but most likely in Yellowstone, or Montana.  Produced & Directed & Photographed by Phil Savoie, also photographed by Jeff Turner.  2006, 50 min.

2007 - ABC Evening News: story about grizzly bears recovering in YNP from 150 to now - 500+ & success of the End. Species Act.  1min.
2007 - NBC Today Show - Tom Brokaw narrates their 3rd most special place in America: Yellowstone NP.  Visit to YNP, wildlife, wolves, geo history.  Interviews w/Supt. Suzanne Lewis, Jackson Mayor Mark Barron, Cody resident, park rangers, others.  14:20.
2007 - National Geographic's Wild Battle of the Bears, documentary about grizzly bears killing black bears in YNP.  Badly written & produced.  Directed by Duncan Chard, Edited by Rama Bowley, & narrated by Salvatore Vecchio.  Produced by Tigress in association with FIVE & Granada International.  45 min.
2007 - Science Channel -Faces of Earth: Building the Planet - Story of tectonics over North America with emphasis on areas such as Washington state, Yellowstone, the Appalachians,  & the coast of New York.  Produced by John Copeland, narrated by Maurice LaMarche.  44 min.
2007 - Secret Yellowstone - Prod. for National Geographic Television by Brian Armstrong.  Photographed by Bob Landis, narrated by Nick Schatzki.  Included: Lee Whittlesey, Doug Smith, others.  46 min.
2007 - PBS, Nature - In the Valley of the Wolves - Prod. and Photographed by Bob Landis, nar. by F. Murray Abraham - Wolves in YNP w/focus on the Druid pack & their tribulations.  55 min.
2007 - CBS Sunday Morning - story about Lynne Cheney w/focus on Casper, VP home in D.C., and JH.  11 min.
2007 - CBS Sunday Morning - short on fall colors near Dubois
2007 - Grand Teton Music Festival promo.
2007 - CBS Sunday Morning - 11/25 - short on winter setting in in YNP.
2007 - Grand Teton National Park - for the Discovery Channel, narrated by Allen Farmer.  Overview of GTNP's season & wildlife.  Inters w/Louise Lasley, Steve Cain, others.  30 min.
2007 - Grand Teton National Park: Life on the Edge - Prod./Written/Directed by Dara Padwo-Audick for Discovery Channel HD Theater, nar. by Allen Farmer.  25 min.

*2007 - Sublimation Experiment, The - Ski film by KGB Prod.  Stars: Rob LaPier, Conor & Hannah Horrigan, Mike Gimmison.  Idaho, Brit. Columbia, Jackson Hole.  Ski-bum lifestyle.  62 min.

2008 - National Park Lodges - PBS, interview with Clay James, others.  Segment about Jackson Lake Lodge.
2008 - Meet the Press, w/Tom Brokaw, at Jackson Hole Golf & Tennis.  Interview of CO Gov. Ritter and WY Gov. Dave Freudenthal.  6/28/08.
2008 - Discover the Wild - PBS, segments about the Teton Science School (Interviews w/Jack Shea, April Landale, others), the photography of Tom Mangelsen, and a segment on sage grouse w/Tom Christensen & Matt Halloran.  Evergreen Prod., 23 min.
2008 - KIFI-TV report in Jan. of plane running off the runway at the JH Airport.
2008 - Season of the Grizzly - about the bears in YNP.  45 min.
2008 - American Experience: Buffalo Bill - Prod. by Mack Samels for PBS (WGBS) & Hidden Hill Prod., nar. by Richard Ben Cramer.  55 min.

2009 - Drawn to Yellowstone - Documentary about art history of Yellowstone, specifically Thomas Moran & Wm. H. Jackson. Inter. w/Lee Whittlesey, Mindy Besaw, Peter Hassrick, Jim Wilcox, others. WY PTV, 56 min.
2009 - History of Yellowstone: A Realm Untamed - WY PTV - Features history of bears, bison, wolves and geothermal features of the Yellowstone. Inter. w/Lee Whittlesey, Doug Smith, Rick Wallen, Hank Heasler, others. 1 hr. 25 min.
2009 - Yellowstone: Tales for the Wild - BBC, Animal Planet.  Another documentary about wildlife during the four seasons in YNP.  85 min., nar. by Jason Hildebrandt.
2009 - Yellowstone: Battle for Life - Animal Planet.  BBC documentary, nar. by Peter Firth.  Wildlife during the seasons in YNP, esp. in winter.  Some visual images were in GTNP & not in YNP, and some narrative info is also conspicuously inaccurate.  Good videography otherwise.  90 min.
2009 -
PBS - Yellowstone, Land to Life - Produced & narrated by John Grabowski about the seasons of Yellowstone.  26 min.

2010 - NBC News - story about "Operation Purple", kids & soldier parents experience the outdoors with Teton Science School in the Tetons.  2:30.
2010 - Idaho Falls affiliate does story about the Jackson Hole Shootout Gang, 3 min.
2010 - CBS Sunday Morning - vignette in the Tetons, 1 min.

Others, date unknown
The History of Yellowstone (Pt. 1), Dudes and Sagebrushers.  90 min.
*Yellowstone - High Country Treasure, wildlife behavior, geothermal features.  Trailwood Films. 78 min.
*Yellowstone-Teton Wildlife, Holiday Video, self explanatory, 42 min.
*Yellowstone Aflame, Holiday Video, self explanatory, 42 min.
*Yellowstone Serenade, Producer unk.   Visual tour of the Yellowstone set to music. 1 hr. +.
Yellowstone, Unk. Prod. Co.  Travel video.
Yellowstone Under Fire, Frontline TV program w/Judy Woodruff.  Story about the Reagan/Watt legacy, 55 min.
Yellowstone: Unfinished Song, A National Park Film, nar. by Ranger Rita Cantu, 19 min.
Yellowstone: Imprints of Geologic Time, Terra Prod.
*Song Dog: The Coyote in Yellowstone, Bob Landis.  Shot in YNP's Lamar Valley.
*The Complete Yellowstone, Holiday Video.  Geysers, wildlife, falls & scenery, 60 min.
Travel Yellowstone, YNP in winter, circa 1995, 11 min.
Spring in Yellowstone, CBS
*America's National Parks, Questar Video, 2 volumes, 180 min.
*Touring America's National Parks,Questar Video, 65 min.
*A 90 min. doc. about Christian Madsen, shot near Cody for Danish Television.
Reading Rainbow, hosted by Levar Burton in JH, 25 min.
Old Film aftermath of YNP earthquake, B&W, at Jackson Lake Lodge.
Fires of '88, Sportsman Prod. Inc., & Outdoor Magazine.
Lorraine Mintzmeyer & the Yellowstone Vision Document.  NBC Dateline w/Deborah Roberts, 12 min.
Main Street, Wyoming, an ongoing series from Wyoming Public Television.  For a list of programs since its inception in 1990, goto their website.
Wild Discovery: Grand Teton, Wolfgang Bayer Prod., nar. by Charles Hoerton, 45 min.
Legacy: Grand Teton National Park, Eastman Kodak, 27 min.
Tetons, Travelogue.
Teton Trails, travelogue of Jackson Hole area, 35 min.
Jackson Hole, The Tetons, Yellowstone, JH Visitor's Council, 11 min.
Music video, excerpt from Resphigi's "Pines of Rome" by Nature's Sym.  Shot in YNP, 4 min.
National Geographic Explorer: Wildlife Wars USA: Elk Harvest.  Nar. by Peter Coyote, ca 1995.
The Danger Zone, about JH Rodeo.  Nar. by Fred Crane
Fossil Lake: Paleontology and Preparation at Fossil Butte Nat'l Mon.  Prod. by Nat'l Park Service & Harper's Ferry Center, 17 min.
Wyoming Rodeo, A Howdy Happening, in Cheyenne, WTC.  Nar. by Curt Gowdy.
National Geographic Specials: Grizzlies(87); America's Wonderland: The National Parks; National Parks: Playground  or Paradise?
Trails West, U.S. Dept. of the Interior & BLM.  Story of the Oregon Trail in WY, nar. by Tim Monroe, 17 min.
Nature of Grand Teton, The: Description of formation of the Tetons, wildlife, etc.  No credits, date, etc.  Mostly images with narration on video.  11 min.
*Trout Fishing in Jackson Hole, w/Frank Craighead.
*Wildlife Adventuring in Jackson Hole, w/Frank Craighead.
*Jack Dennis Learning to Flyfish for Trout, 90 min.
*Bears of the Lower 48, w/Gary Brown.  Holiday Films by Russ Finley, Finley Holiday Films, 38 min.
*Field Care of Game Meat, WG&F.  Self explanatory, 26 min.
*Hunting, WG&F.  Conservation, sport hunting, habitat, 16 min.
*Ft. Bridger, Sound Ideas, video of slide show, 15 min.
*Flaming Gorge, nar. by Loni Anderson.  Flaming Gorge Natural Hist. Assoc., 15 min.
*American Sportsman, ABC.  Cheryl Tiegs floats on the Greys River, helps man w/whooping crane eggs to place them w/Sandhill cranes w/banding.
*Fall Line, film of skier coming down Mt. Moran.
*Wyoming: Wonderful Waterways
*Sesame Street
*The Big Blue Marble
*Wild Kingdom: Winter Comes to Puma Pass(& svl. other episodes)
*Willie & Johnny.  Boy fishing while Dad is out guiding hunters, encounters grizzly cub who steals his trout.  He then helps mother grizzly out of a trap.
*Old West Trail
*Wilderness Family
*Firepower, The Military Channel, episode about missle systems w/emphasis on the Minuteman ICBM at F.E. Warren  AFB.
*Symphony to America's Wonders, Encounter Video, 60 min.
*Packin' and Jackin, Drunk Industries, Mostly snowboarding shot in WY, CA, UT, CO, AL, OR, New Zealand, France & Argentina.
*Slednecks 4, Peak Productions, a film by Jason Moriarty & Erik Voahe.  Video related to snowmobiling & other similar recreations.  Filmed in CA, WY, WI, AL, CO, MN, UT, MT, Canada & Iceland w/Garth Kaufman, Chris Burandt & others.

To order a copy of either cdrombook about all these films in detail, clickhere.
Commericials include but aren't limited to:  Polaris, Ski-Doo, Arctic Cat, Honda, Saloman Skis, Kodak, Jeep, Sears, Marlboro, Camel/Salem Cigarettes, Skoal, General Mills, Chevrolet, AMC Eagle, Jeep, Mitsubishi, Missan, Toyota, Dodge, Ford, Yamaha, Texaco, Kenworth, Wells Fargo, Pentax, Firestone, Michelin, Harpers Bazaar, H.I.S., Schlitz, Michelob, Old Milwaukee, Coors, Maxwell House, Merrill Lynch, Winchester Rifle, Mountain Dew, Coleman, Alpo, Apple Computers, Microsoft, British Airways, Airstream Trailers, American Van Lines, GTE, Brita, Tide, others...


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