(FYI: On Amazon.com as of 5/4/08, there are two entities selling older editions of my cdrombook.  One is Edies_Editions and they're selling it for $184.22 + $3.99 for S&H, the other is Bookstores12 & they're selling it for $184.38 + $3.99 S&H.  Their grading is that the book is "Used-very good" condition.  I hope so.  If you don't buy it from me, I'd have to recommend the first seller, as he's a few cents cheaper.  Their versions are earlier than my latest & therefore, less informative as well.  Good luck.)

Order form for:

"The Making of Shane" cdrombook,

"Wyoming: A History of Film and Video in the 20th Century" (Shane Edition - both cdrombooks combined)
(Both have printer friendly chapters that will print all the text without any photos.)

"Shootout on the Town Square, The Story of the Jackson Hole Shootout"  - a small paperback
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Quantity                   Amount

The Making of Shane @                   $25. ea                       __________             __________
        (Paper copies available on request, these are very large and expensive.)

Both cdrombooks on one cdrom @     $45. ea           __________           __________
Wyoming: A History of Film & Video in the 20th Century, Shane Edition

Shootout on the Town Square @          $6. ea                  _________         _________   

All amounts are in USD $.

S&H: None if you order only one copy of any of the above & inside the U.S. or Canada.
    Add $3. for 2-5 copies of any of the above
    Add $3. if you are outside the United States                                                                ___________ S&H?
    Contact me if you need more than 5 copies of any items

Total U.S. $                                                                                                                   ___________

Please do NOT send Euros or money from your country, as the fee in the U.S. to convert, is very poor.  Convert where you are, send $ by cash or money order to me.  Sorry, thanks...

Send check (U.S. only, 3-5 days to clear), cash or money order to (sorry I can't take credit cards or PayPal):
*Kay Farmer, 505 Ponderosa Dr., Jackson, Wyo 83001*
Questions?  email author

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Caveats: Some images may not come up on a Mac, but most should.  Some .mp3 audio files, may not work on the newer 64-bit Vista computers, but probably will.  Please make a copy of this form for your records.   http://www.theastrocowboy.com

Thank you, Walt
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