Autostart or Autobooting problems with your cdrombook

Of course, I'm sorry this has happened with your copy as it has with about 1-2% of all that have gone out.  There are a variety of reasons why this might be happening, the most prominent of which is that you have an older cd-rom drive & it just won't function properly for this cd.  However, there are several possibilities to try & get the book to come up anyway.  Try the instructions on the front of the cd if you have a MAC/Apple.  Otherwise for PCs, try...

Option A:    1.    Open "My Computer" on your desktop.    2.    Find the drive your cd is in & double click to open it (or right click on it & choose "Open."    3.    Look for either the "opencd.htm" or "TOC.htm" file and double click to open that page; try "opencd.htm" first.    4.    If one opens, you should be able to negotiate the rest of the book just like any other website, linking from one chapter to another, doing printouts of pictures or maps, etc.

Option A1:    Do the same as in A by first going to "Start," "Find," "Files and Folders," Click on your CD-ROM drive in the "Look in" box, type "opencd.htm" or "TOC.htm" in the "Named" box & hit return.  Presuming the file comes up in the list presented, double click on it for it to open.

These are a minor hassle every time you boot up, but at least it works.

Option B:    As these cds since v1.6 are burned with a software called Nero Burning, and if your computer is also using Nero Burning as its main software for your DVD or CD drives, then it may not boot up automatically due to the way the software installs itself as it turns off your computer's capacity to recognize autostart functions!  This can be remedied at some minor risk to your computer's operation (which I can't be held responsible for if you do this), probably with increased lockup potential so I'm told.  1.    To enable the disabled function, right click on "My Computer" & go to "Properties."    2.    Choose the "Device Manager" tab.    3.    At the top of the list should be a line for "CD-ROM," click on the + symbol & open that option up.    4.    Any DVD or CD-ROMs in your system should appear.  For the machine you want to run the book on, single click on the line to highlight it.    5.    Click on "Properties," then the "Settings" tab.    6.    Look for the box for "Auto Insert Notification" which should be unchecked and if so, check it, the hit "OK." (If it's already checked, we're SOL.)    7.    You will have to reboot your computer for the settings to take effect.    8.    Insert your cdrombook & it should now boot up automatically.

You can repeat this process & of course turn off the "Auto Insert Notification" at any time if you experience any problems with your computer's normal operation.

Good luck and enjoy my The Making of Shane cdrombook.  Walt

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