Eastern European Collection

Includes the following list of performers.  The x number following is the quantity of "albums" I have of that performer in the language alone.  These include Slovak, Russian & music from that region of the world.  Most of this music is in .mp3 files.
* Not digitized  ** Some not digitized

Contact me with any questions, 307.733.2173 or @ wyomovieguy@hotmail.com
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Agutin, Leonid & Angelika Varum
Leontev, Valery
Mikhailova, Irina
*Rebroff, Ivan
Time Machine
Unknown artists x 3
Various artists x 6

Cmorik, Peter
Desmod x 4
Elan x 13 (two w/2 cds, one w/3) = 17
Muller, Richard x 4
P.S. x 2
Perpetuum Jazzile
Slize, Horkyze x 5 (Two w/2 cds) = 7
Smatanova, Zuzana x 2
Team x 4
Tublatanka x 5
Vidiek, Vyber, Nazivo

**Gott, Karel x 3
*Hegerova, Hana
Janda, Dalibor x 3
Langerova, Aneta
MC Erik & Barbara
Michal, David (2 cds)
No Name
Nohavica, Jaromir x 5 (one w/2 cds) = 6
Verona x 3

Total: 85

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