English Collection

Includes the following list of performers.  The x number following is the quantity of "albums" I have of that performer in the language alone.  Performers from foreign countries sing English albums & a couple of American performers make a foreign album.  Many foreign (not English or American) artists, perform occasionally in English.  These & others from non-American but English speaking countries, are listed here.  Some songs on predominantly foreign language albums, will also be in English.
* Not yet digitized

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Battlefield Band
Bell, Derek
Bok, Gordon
Boys of the Lough
Chieftains x 8
Clancy Bros. w/Luois Killen
Clancy Bros. w/Tommy Makem
Coulter, Phil
Dire Straits
Douglas, Bill
Dover, Connie x 3
Enya x 4
Gaelic Storm x 2
Galway, James & Phil Coulter
Galway, James & The Chieftains
High Kings
*Knopfler, Mark
Madden, Joanie
Mark, Jon
McCormack, John x 2
McKennitt, Loreena
Sands, Tommy w/Maya & Fiona
Siri E Ri-ra
Taliesin Orch.
Various x 2
Wakeman, Rick
Willson & McKee


Corries x 2
Coulter, Phil
Davies, Steve
Jack, Geordie
Lise, Inger
MacDonald, Alastair
McKennit, Loreena
Scottish National Chorus
Various artists x 5

Albert, Morris
Aznavour x 5
Becaud, Gilbert x 4
*Byrd, Charlie
Cinquetti, Gigliola
Farnham, John
Hardy, Francoise
Iglesias, Julio x 2
Mahotella Queens
Mathieu, Mireille x 2
Mouskouri, Nana x 2
Various Australian
Various other
Wong Lo Yi

Celtic, Druid & Renaissance

Total: 84

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