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This page is for owner's of my cdrombook The Making of Shane so they can easily access corrections/additions to the book that I have discovered/included since its first edition.

For all editions starting with latest version back to v1.0.  Errata in red.

Updated versions & newly incorporated material              / Errata listings further below

v3.2 - 4/13 - Flubs chapter edited & other extraneous material removed & 1 new photo added.
v3.16 - 16 new or better images
v3.15 - Enhanced/enlarged many images & cleaned up a number of captions.
v3.13 - 1/12 - Added 9 new images & legend info.
v3.12 - 8/11 - Added 18 new images.
v3.11 - 9/10 - Added 6 new images.
v3.1 - 8/10 - Added over 40 new location images taken in 2010, mostly in Detailed Locations Chapter, along with updating all the GPS coordinates.  Book is now at 236mb.
v3.04 - 7/10 - Added: 1 new Alan Ladd image.
v3.03 - 4/10 - Added: 9 new images & narrative about The Big Land.
v3.02 - 1/10 - Added: 10 new images.
v3.01 - 8/09 - Added: 5 new images.
v3.0 - 5/09 - Added: 37 Japanese & English images to the book and other assorted misc. added info.
v2.94 - 5/08 - Numerous misc. items added to text as well as 8 new images.
FYI: On as of 5/4/08, there are two entities selling older editions of my cdrombook.  One is Edies_Editions and they're selling it for $184.22 + $3.99 for S&H, the other is Bookstores12 & they're selling it for $184.38 + $3.99 S&H.  Their grading is that the book is "Used-very good" condition.  I hope so.  If you don't buy it from me, I'd have to recommend the first seller, as he's a few cents cheaper.  Good luck.
v2.93 - 11/07 - Added: audio interview with Buck Wayne, the film's gun handling expert.
v2.92 - 10/07 - Added: Audio of interview with Dewey Martin about Brandon de Wilde as well as several audios from Bill Neal, Ladd's double in the film.  Book is now over 200mb.
v2.91 - 6/07 - Added: 16 new images.
v2.9 - 1/07 - 13 new images plus 55 pages from a Portuguese story book.
v2.8 - 10/06 - Added first audio of an interview, the one conducted with Jack Schaefer which had previously only been in transcription, an extended 1969 interview with George Stevens, and the Lux Radio Theater presentation of Shane.  New images: 4.
v2.7 - 9/06 - 54 new images from Kay Skvorc.
v2.69/05 - Added: transcript of interview in 1969 with George Stevens + 17 new images. (In latter copies, I have reduced the point size of the text in the printable chapters to make them more printer friendly.)
v2.5 - 5/05 - Added: approx. 47 more photos & a little text to make a total of over 500 images.
v2.4 - 12/04 - Added: a short chapter of info/insights regarding the Paramount Pressbook
v2.3 - 11/04 - Added: approx. 30 new photos, plus extended interview with Alan Ladd.  Rearranged current photo "chapter" into 3 photo chapters for easier viewing.  Now, 51mb.
v2.2 - 8/04 - Added: photo chapter of bar fight & relocated & added new photos of same.
v2.1 - 6/04 - New interviews with David Ladd and Alan Ladd, Jr., still more new photos.
v2.0 - This version, 2/04, is an enormously increased version of the book.  Due to a person who bought an earlier copy, she sold/donated to me, a large quantity of magazine photos, stills, articles, a complete script dated a week before filming began, etc., that increased the content of the book by roughly 25%.  The 24mb book increased to about 42 in size. This is a substantial new edition for the Shane buff.
v1.8.4 - 3/03 v1.8.5 - 5/03 v1.8.6 - 11/03 - Now at 24mb
v1.8.3 - Several new photos & stories.  2/03
v1.8.2- 10 additional images plus a number of new stories related by Fred Kuri, the son of Set Director Emile Kuri & further confirmation of other researched stories about the film.  22mb, 11/02.
v1.8.1- Inclusion of info from interview with Gretchen Givens, who was the double for Beverly Washburn.  Several new images, 21mb, 6/02
v1.8- Same as v1.7 with the addition of a sub-chapter with a small quantity of Shane references from Japanese publications.  Also, added information from interview with child star Beverly Washburn.  One new photo.  Now 20mb.  4/02 v1.7- This version is the same as 1.6 except that most chapters have been duplicated and are printer friendly (photos have been removed).  Book is now at 18mb, 2/02.
v1.6- This version contains a small amount of new info, GPS coordinates (Detailed Directions chapter), and approximately 30 new photographs.  9/01
v1.5- A version still in progress that includes the errata listed below as well as new info and images over v1.4.  7/01
v1.4- Again, this version has another 10% more info and images than v1.3.  4/01
v1.3- This version has about 10% more information and images than v1.2.  2/01
v1.2- This version has about 10% new material over v1.0 & v1.1.  1/01
v1.1- This is identical to v1.0, except that it is also compatible on MAC/Apple computers.  10/00
v1.0- This is the first version of the cdrombook and is operable only on PC computers.  9/00 & approx. 12mb.

ERRATA:  Every new version has all corrected errata from previous versions incorporated.

Errata for v1.0 through v1.4.  (All info has been incorporated into v1.5 & after.)
1.    Chapter 1, there is one misspelling of the name "Marian" as "Marion."
2.    In Chapter 2, I note that upon leaving the Starrett homestead parking spot, you would "...continue east from your parking spot on the Kelly Rd. .2 mile..."  This should read, "...continue north."
3.    In Chapter 3, I reported that Joe finally got into the barfight with the ax handle and struck one of the cowboys holding Shane.  In fact, he struck Rufe Ryker, who was beating Shane at the time.
4.    Also in Chapter 3, I reported that there were 4 dogs seen in the film with a short narrative of their sightings.  There were actually 5 and the narrative has been expanded.
5.    In Chapter 6, the statement is made about mistakes in the brawl.  It states, "Here are some examples of what really appeared on the screen in the two brawls between Shane and Chris."  In fact, they had only one fight.  The two brawls was really meant to refer to the first one with Chris and the second with all the other cowboys.  It now reads, "Here are some examples of what really appeared on the screen in the two brawls at the bar."
6.    In the Introduction, I originally wrote that 2003 was the 50th anniv. of the film's issue.  It would be of course, 2002.  But in fact that was wrong, so I changed it back to 2003.

v1.6was published in Sept. of 2001.  The earlier editions may incorporate some of the updates that are all in v1.6.  While there are a number of new images and variety of new information or other material in later versions, there are only a few items that would constitute errata.  v1.4 contains as much as 30% more information than the original v1.0 (see below for approximate amount of new info per edition).  If you have purchased an early edition and would like to acquire the latest updated version (couldn't do this with a regular paper book), please contact me and I'll provide you a copy at a discounted price.  Try not to giggle, admitting mistakes just isn't in my nature (I thought I made a mistake once, but I was wrong.), but Shane fans are a particular breed.  So far however, I've caught all these mistakes myself, so play the game, "Catch the Author in a Boo-Boo" and send me an email if you can find any.  Free copy to anyone who corrects the author & the correction is confirmed.  Try getting the author of a paper book to mail everyone who's bought the book, errata for the sole edition of that publication.  wf

Errata for v1.5, v1.6
Errata for v1.7
A reader found that Nancy Kulp's last name had been spelled with a "C."  Mea KULPa.
Errata for v1.8
Seems I made a typo in one set of coordinates for 3 Tree Hill.  The others nearby, Cemetery Hill & the Town Site, show a longitude of 110 deg. 37 min., whereas the one for 3 Tree Hill, shows 110 deg. & 97 min.  It should be changed to read 37 min.
Several copies read v1.7 on the opencd page, although they show v1.8.1 on the disk label.  Those copies are indeed 1.8.1.
Typo in Chap. 8 & Intro section where it says that 2002 will be the film's 50th anniv., which should read 2003 and also the removal of an inexplicably placed Japanese yen symbol in the same para.
Further research indicates that Davey(Davy, David) Jackson, probably did trap in the JH area as pre the footnote in Chap. 1 where I previously indicated otherwise.
Chap. 1, regarding A. B. Guthrie.  in para 7 I wrote that he was born in Bedford, MA, but in para 9 I noted that he was born in Choteau, MT.  The first reference is correct & para 9 has been changed to reflect that.
Changed spelling of Joe DeYong's name to Joe De Yong.
Two coordinate typos (probably) in all previous versions.  In "Sub-Chapter 2: Detailed Directions for GPS Gadget Types & Compass Afficionados," the first 2 coordinates listed are at 49 degrees.  They, like all the others, should read 43 degrees.  The rest of the coordinates should be correct.  All of JH area is at 43 degrees N latitude.  Thanks: Pete & Dottie Wakefield.
v2.0- ALL above errors corrected.  About 20 typos fixed in this release.  Corrected info from interview with Buck Wayne that he'd worked with Ladd on the film Branded  before Shane, not Drumbeat.  Apparently the conductor of Victor Young's music on the cd mentioned in earlier editions was Richard Kaufman, not Richard Koch.
v2.5 - Changed info about Ladd's "apparent suicide" to "questionable suicide."  Noted move of Saddles & Harnesses building from Snow King to property of the JH Historical Society.
v2.8 - Fixed a number of corrupted links in the book to pictures & other locations as well as several photo popups.  Confirmed all links are now working properly.
v2.9-3.01 - None


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