Images from Party for Jim VanNostrand

St. John's Hospital Living Center, 6/26/2010

(Put cursor on image for information.  If anyone is in an image that they do NOT want to be seen here, let me know & I'll remove it.  Walt)

Plasticware & napkins courtesy Living Center

Kay Farmer as hostess

Kay Farmer


Nick speaking about Jim

More Nick

Note images on TV

Hughes Glantzberg holding presentation frame for Jim

Price from the News & Guide getting picture for their story.


Jim w/Price & guests

Cake & ice cream


Dorothy & Meta

More friends

Wayne, Michael & Kay

Suzanne & Paul

Rev. Paul Hayden


Jim & Jim

John, Nick & Jim

Nick, Walt, Hughes, Jim, John & Kay



Moosie & John

Nic Di Benedetto

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