Hawai`i Trip, Feb. 2012

Big Island (Hawai`i)

Kay made friends w/this Gold Dust Day Gecko on Big Island (Hawai`i) while I was listening to a Kane ka pila at Kaloko Honokohau National Park.

Kona, Big Island Lunch at Bubba Gumps in Kona

Ancient village
Taking leisure of all I survey at the ancient fishing village of Mahukona Beach Park on the NW side of the Big Island.

End of the road at the N end of the Big Island, & windy.

On to Kaua`i

Hula club
A high school hula club taking pictures at Hanalei.

See The Descendants?  They had drinks as we did, at the Tahiti Nui in Hanalei.

Waimea Cyn. A signboard at Waimea Cyn. State Park

Cyn.1 Overlook view

Another...Cyn. 2

Pretty birds

Safari Helicopters on Kaua`i
Took a helo ride over the island & Na Pali coast, not to be missed-a highlight of the trip.  Note Kay's life preserver.

NaPali1    NaPali2

Shenanigans    Ni`ihau from PMRF
We stayed in a cottage at the Pacific Missile Range Facility (Naval base) at the west end of the island.  This is at their dinner club, Shenanigans.  R-sunset over island of Ni`ihau.

Venus    CH-53
Venus at sunset outside our cottage & a retired PMRF helo at the gate.  (I hope to have a number of aircraft images up on my 3D webpage shortly.)

Tank?    PMRF launch pad
A fake tank, one of several, on the base for use during summer joint exercises.  R-is the missile launch pad for test launches where ships & subs in the Pacific (on left) usually track & intercept them.  SW end of Na Pali coast in rear.

Polihale SP
Polihale State Park, looking N to the Na Pali coastline.

A little beach time...

...for sunset, not a swim.

Sunset over small island of Lehua...

 Lehua1  and another.

on to O`ahu

Lobby    Kay's uke...
Hotel lobby of the Hale Koa, military hotel on Waikiki.  Kay strumming her new ukelele we got on Kaua`i, from our room balcony.

...on loan
(After the l`uau mentioned below) I got the shirt, I get to strum too.

Hangar on Ford Island    Restoration
Bullet holes, probably friendly fire, in one of the hangars on Ford Island, from Dec. 7, 1941.  This is at the Pacific Air Museum, where aircraft are displayed & this ambulance plane is being restored.

Inside the display hangar, a P-40 Tigershark.

 P-40 fake    and another
Outside the hangar, are several "aircraft" like these a fake P-40s used in the film Pearl Harbor.  Mostly wood, metal & rubber.

Keith & an F-86    PAM & tower
My new friend, one of the docents at the museum, Keith.  Great guy, knows a LOT.  Here's the museum from the rear, & the restored air tower on Ford Island.

Pearl...    Harbor
Lunching at the new incarnation of the Pearl Harbor Memorial.  R-is a view from Camp Smith above Pearl City.  Bridge is the crossover to Ford Island & you can see the battleship USS Missouri tied up just short of the Arizona
Memorial, & the tower for the old airfield at Ford Island.  Imagine the Japanese aircraft swarming over this area on that day.

USS Ohio  SSGN-726, Nuclear submarine USS Ohio

We're at the Polynesian Cultural Center for their l`uau & show.  at the PCC

We then went on a powered hang-glider training flight over O`ahu's North Shore...

Facing south
Kay be cruisin'... with Denise Sanders and

Facing SW
Note sequential swells at Waialua below.

Kay touching down at Dillingham airfield, on the island's NW corner.

Over north shore
Flying over the now overgrown WWII Haleiwa airfield, where two P-40sflew out on Dec. 7 & I think, got the only Japanese shootdowns of the day.
On left is an arts fair on the highway.  Town of Haleiwa in left center.  Picture below, 2 hrs. later.

Old Haleiwa airfield
Part of that old WWII Haleiwa airfield runway, just steps from the beach, but almost a jungle in 2012.

New friend    Rental car
Feral cats & with our rental car on a beach.

Cats    Sunset
More feral cats overlooking the E side of Honolulu, & a sunset to the SW.


Surfing Sunset Beach on a wind whipped wave at the PIPELINE!

Lazy  Not, a surfer...

This is Kaneohe Bay from a point on the Marine Base (MCBH) there.  The Japanese attacked here just minutes before the hit Pearl.
We're about to go out into the bay on a pontoon boat to Sunken Island in the distance.

Boat captain  Sea legs
This is your Captain, who had to jump out of the boat to set anchor on the island.

Visitor  P3
As you can see, the waters below & above, were quite dangerous.  (A Navy P3 Orion coming in to land at MCBH.)

Goin' explorin'    Way gone
Kay doing her mermaid thing.

Can't swim 

  Excellent wader

Gettin' deeper?
That's Chinaman's Hat in the background in the E shore of O`ahu

Almost back
These are breakers to open water in the Pacific.

Dinner    House Without a Key
Dinner & traditional entertainment at the HaleKulani's House Without a Key, on Waikiki.  Remember Charlie Chan?

Visiting the Royal Hawaiian Hotel on our last day in Honolulu.  Kay's waving from the downstairs couch.

Drink time  Having drinks, listening to music, getting ready for the flight home.

Palm trees at the Royal Hawaiian w/Venus above.  Palm trees, Venus, tradewinds, goin' home


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