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In November of 2000, we went to Portland, OR, to visit 2 Korat catteries to see about acquiring another kitten to "replace" our sweet Squeak that died back in August.  You can read about her & her playmate Linus, by linking to their PAGE on this website.

One available kitten was at the Gentlegift Cattery, although she was having some consequential medical problems that involved an undiagnosed reason for a distinct lack of growth.  She was 4.5 mos. old but only weighed 1.5 lbs.  When we visited with the Ganoes, they already knew of our love for Squeak and Linus, but didn't feel they could guarantee how well their kitten, named Gabby for her vociferous manner, would do after leaving the cattery.  We'd already visited another cattery, Jing, earlier in the day, & very much loved a little/big kitten there named Rock.  The Ganoes offered to give Gabby to us, and we told them we'd think about their offer.

While at dinner an hour later, Kay had the idea that we could take Gabby & we'd have enough funds to buy Rock from the other cattery, although our earlier plan was to buy one, then come home & adopt another kitten from a shelter.  This gave us the option to get two Korats.  The Ganoes agreed.  However, the next AM upon contacting Mrs. Langford at Jing, we realized that Rock hadn't been checked for a serious feline disease & she couldn't release him to us.  We decided to go back and see her other kittens to see if another playmate for Gabby could be found.

This was where we found who was at first, "1 of 4, Tertiary Adjunct to Feline Unimatrix One."  If you're not a Trekkor, you won't appreciate the humor.  He, was a 3 month old, 4 lb. kitten in a litter of four.  He has a loud purr and a penchant for sleeping in your face.  His need for human proximity has subsequently led to the current name of "Buddy."

The ride home from Portland was uneventful as we kept the two new playmates separated & it only took them about 2 days in their new surroundings to become serious playmates who continually run & charge after one another.  Gabby takes no backseat to Buddy despite the weight & size difference, although after living here a week & a half, she now weighs 2.3 lbs.  It turns out that she apparently had contracted giardia from the Portland water supply!  From the last vet visit, it seems she now may have cataracts.  Fortunately for us, & we'll confirm with a specialist shortly, we acquired pet insurance, as we well know how expensive such things can get in a hurry.  For the most part however, Squeak & Linus never had any consequential health problems until they passed the age of 15.

Kay, (Gabby) now Toot, Buddy

It's late Nov. now & this is where we stand.  We'll be updating the page periodically, so hope you'll check back.  They're wonderful little animals that as kittens, do all the things kittens do that are so magical to watch.  The chases, the spins, the leaps at the toys, the acrobatics on the cat tree, the sneak attacks, the cuddling & purring.  It's just great to have new ones back in the house & I think it's like many people say when discussing how such pets help you mentally & over a life span.  My internist thinks my frugality on medical bills/insurance is odd if I want to spend a few bucks on a cat, which of course & unfortunately, he isn't too fond of the species.  Good doctor, but his psychology needs a little work.  There are dog people, there are horse people, WE, are cat people, simple as that.  Enjoy the pictures and let me know if you can understand.

As of early Dec., Kay observed that with Gabby's ways of having an ongoing attitude, she called her "Tude" once.  I immediately thought that she had just bought her a new name, "Toot."  My thought was that she is always acting like a horse's patoot anyway, so that the name seemed to fit rather well.  Whatver.  However, when they want to be, they're like any other runofthemillangels & look like this & you should see Buddy jump when he's in the mood.  Trouble is right now, that he's got some sort of viral infection & another case of conjunctivitis.  Lots of sneezing, even persistent coughing & a breathing wheeze that it pretty annoying to him, & especially the humans in the house.  The last vet visit with blood, meds, X-ray, etc. = $135.  Sure hope they get well, permanently, soon.

Well, they're both doing much better glad to say.  Haven't taken that many new photos lately either.  However, finally filed a claim with Veterinary Pet Insurance and if you're considering their product, consider it VERY carefully.  Preparing the claim as w/any insurance company, is a pain in the butt.  Then there's the $40. deductible PER claim, the threat of penalty if you file something that isn't to be claimed in the first place whether you know it or not, about 6 wks. to get it processed instead of the 2 or so they advertise, and more.  Their staff on the phone is generally quite nice & helpful.  Plus, they went against one doctor's notes and denied a claim out of hand because THEY say it was genetic whether the Dr. did or not, and denied one claim that I had paid to be covered on, which they are now re-processing, but only after I had to call them again to force the issue regarding spaying Toot.  Maybe they thought I wouldn't notice they hadn't accepted it as no doubt many people would.  Personally, I've got $400. in premiums in for their first year & even with legitimate claims, probably won't come close to getting that back.  In a catastropic type situation, even for pets, it would be good to have, but is otherwise a generic rip-off of the average customer...caveat emptor.

       New van console, Buddy pops out, Toot attacks.       11/02                         Toot attacks Buddy again.

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