Big Band Leaders & Their Theme Songs

It's just a list, and,
there were a lot more bands than listed here, but this is a fairly comprehensive list.

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Aaronson, Irving: Commanderism
Agnew, Charlie: Slow But Sure
Alexander, Van: Alexanderís Swinging
Allen, Barclay: Cumana
Anthony, Ray: The Man w/a Horn
Arden, Harold: Unk.
Armstrong, Louis: When Itís Sleepy Time Down South
Arnaz, Desi: Cuban Pete or Tabu
Arnheim, Gus: Sweet & Lovely
Arthur, Zinn: Darling
Astor, Bob: Blue Lights
Auld, Georgie: Iíve Got a Right to Know
Ayres, Mitchell: You Go to My Head
Ballew, Smith Tonight There is Music (opening); Home (closing)
Barnet, Charlie: Cherokee, Red Skin Rhumba; I Lost Another Sweetheart (early)
Barron, Blue: Sometimes Iím Happy
Bartha, Alex: Unk.
Bay, Francis: Unk.
Bechet, Sidney-Unk.
Bellson, Louie: None
Berigan, Bunny: I Canít Get Started
Bernie, Ben: Itís a Lonesome Old Town (opening); Au Revoir; Pleasant Dreams (closer)
Big Bad Voodoo Daddy: Unk.
Bleyer, Archie: Business in ďFĒ
Block, Bert: Moonglow
Bothwell, Johnny: Sleepy Alto
Bradley, Will: Think of Me (opening); Strange Cargo (closer)
Bradshaw, Tiny: Fascination
Brandwynne, Nat: If Stars Could Talk
Breese, Lou: Breezing Along w/the Breeze
Bregman, Buddy: Unk.
Brigode, Ace: Carry Me Back to Olí Virginny
Brooks, Randy: Holiday Forever or Harlem Nocturne
Brown, Les: Leap Frog (opening); Sentimental Journey (closing); Dance of the Blue Devils (early)
Bryant, Willie: Itís Over Because Weíre Through
Burke, Sonny: Blue Sonata
Burtnett, Earl: Unk.
Busse, Henry: Hot Lips (opening); When Day is Done (closing)
Butterfield, Billy: Whatís New
Byrne, Bobby: Danny Boy
Calloway, Cab: Minnie the Moocher
Cavallero, Carmen: My Sentimental Heart
Carle, Frankie: Sunrise Serenade
Carter, Benny: Melancholy Lullaby
Castle, Lee: None
Chester, Bob: Sunburst
Claridge, Gay: None
Clay, Sonny: Unk.
Clayton, Buck: Unk.
Clinton, Larry: The Dipsy Doodle
Cole, Nat King-Unk.
Connick, Harry: Unk.
Coon-Sanders: Nighthawk Blues
Count Basie: One OíClock Jump
Courtney, Del: Three Shades of Blue
Covington, Warren: None
Crosby, Bob: Summertime
Cugat, Xavier: My Shawl
Cummings, Savage: Unk.
Cummins, Bernie: Dark Eyes
Davis, Johnny (Scat): Hooray for Hollywood
Davis, Meyer: Unk.
Dawn, Dolly: None
Dean, Peter: Unk.
Denny, Jack: Under the Stars
Deutsch, Emery: When a Gypsy Makes His Violin Cry
Devol, Frank: Dream Awhile
Dial, Harry: Unk.
Doc Wheelerís Sunset Royal Serenaders: Unk.
Doggett, Bill: Unk.
Donahue, Al: Lowdown Rhythm in a Top Hat
Donahus, Sam: I Never Knew
Dorsey Bros.: Sandman
Dorsey, Jimmy: Contrasts
Dorsey, Tommy: Iím Getting Sentimental Over You
Dowell, Saxie: Three Little Fishes
Duchin, Eddy: My Twilight Dream
Duchin, Peter: My Twilight Dream
Duncan, Larry: Unk.
Dunham, Sonny: Memories of You
Eberle, Ray: Serenade in Blue
Eckstine, Billy: None
Edwards, Wally: Unk.
Eldridge, Roy: Unk. opening, Fish Market (closer)
Elgart, Larry: Unk.
Elgart, Les: The Dancing Sound
Elizalde, Fred: Unk.
Ellington, Duke: Take the ďAĒ Train; East St. Louis Toodle-oo (early)
Ellington, Mercer: Unk.
Elman, Ziggy: And the Angels Sing
Ennis, Skinnay: Got a Date w/an Angel
Extreme Decibel Big Band: Unk.
Farmer, Walt: Unk.
Farmer, Willie: Farmer in the Dell
Felton, Happy: I Want to be Happy
Ferguson, Maynard: None
Fields, Shep: Rippling Rhythm; Ritual Fire Dance (all reed orch.)
Fina, Jack: Dream Sonata
Fio Rito, Ted: Rio Rita
Flanagan, Ralph: Singing Winds
Florence, B.: Willowcrest
Floyd, Troy: Unk.
Foster, Chuck: Oh, You Beautiful Doll
Funk, Larry: Rose of Washington Square
Garber, Jan: My Dear
Garr, Glenn: I Love You Truly
Gayten, Paul: Unk.
Gerun, Tom: None
Gill, Emerson: None
Gillespie, Dizzy: None
Glasser, Don: You Call It Madness, I Call It Love
Goodman, Benny: Let's Dance (Open), Goodbye (Close)
Gordon, Gray: One Minute to One
Gray, Glen: Smoke Rings; Was I to Blame for Falling in Love w/You (early)
Gray, Jerry: Desert Serenade
Green, Johnny: Hello, My Lover, Goodbye
Grier, Jimmie: Music in the Moonlight
Hackett, Bobby: Embraceable You
Hall, George: Love Letters in the Sand
Hall, Sleepy: Sleepy-Time Gal
Hallett, Mal: Boston Tea Party
Halstead, Henry: Unk.
Hamp, Johnny: My Old Kentucky Home
Hampton, Lionel: Flying Home
Harris, Phil: Rose Room
Hawkins, Coleman: Body & Soul
Hawkins, Erskine: Tuxedo Junction
Hayes, Edgar: Star Dust
Haymes, Joe: Midnight
Heath, Ted: Listen to My Music
Hefti, Neal: Coral Reef
Heidt, Horace: Iíll Love You in My Dreams
Henderson, Fletcher: Christopher Columbus
Henderson, Horace: None
Henderson, Skitch: Anita
Herbert, Ted: Unk.
Herbeck, Ray: Romance
Herman, Lenny: Unk.
Herman, Woody: Blue Flame; Blue Prelude (early)
Hickman, Art: Rose Room
Hill, Teddy: Uptown Rhapsody
Hill, Tiny: Angry
Himber, Richard: It Isnít Fair
Hines, Earl: Deep Forest
Hirt, Al: None
Hite, Les: It Must Have Been a Dream
Hoagland, Everett: None
Hodges, Johnny: Things Ainít What They Used to Be
Hoff, Carl: I Could Use a Dream
Hopkins, Claude: I Would Do Anything for You
Howard, Eddy: Careless (opening); So Long for Now (closing)
Hudson, Dean: Moon Over Miami
Hudson-DeLange: Eight Bars in Search of a Melody
Hudson, Will: Hobo on Park Avenue
Hutton, Ina Ray: Gotta Have Your Love
Hylton, Jack: She Shall Have Music
James, Harry: Ciribiribin
Jarrett, Art: Everythingís Been Done Before
Jenney, Jack: City Night
Jerome, Henry: Night Is Gone; Nice People (closing)
Johnson, Buddy: Unk.
Jones, Elvin: Unk.
Jones, Isham: Youíre Just a Dream Come True
Jones, Spike: Cocktails for Two
Joy, Jimmy: Shine On, Harvest Moon
Jurgens, Dick: Day Dreams Come True at Night
Kassel, Art: Hellís Bells; Doodle Doo Doo (early)
Kavelin, Al: Love Has Gone
Kaye, Herbie: Violets
Kaye, Sammy: Kayeís Melody
Kemp, Hal: Got a Date w/an Angel (opening); (How Iíll Miss You) When the Summer is Gone(closer)
Kenin, Herman: Unk.
Kenton, Stan: Artistry in Rhythm
King, Henry: A Blues Serenade
King, Wayne: The Waltz You Saved for Me
Kirby, John: None
Kirk, Andy: Until the Real Thing Comes Along Clouds
Knapp, Orville: Accent on Youth
Krupa, Gene: Starburst; Apurksody (early)
Kubis, Tony Ė Unk.
Kyser, Kay: Thinking of You
Lanin, Lester: None
Lanin, Sam: A Smile Will Go a Long, Long Way
Lawrence, Elliot: Heart to Heart
Leonard, Harlan: None
Lewis, Sabby: Unk.
Lewis, Ted: When My Baby Smiles at Me
Leyden, Norman: Unk.
Light, Enoch: Youíre the Only Star
Little Jack Little: Little by Little
Lombardo, Guy: Auld Land Syne
Long, Johnny: The White Star of Sigma Nu
Lopez, Vincent: Nola
Loss, Joe: Unk.
Lovett, Lyle: Unk.
Lown, Bert: Bye Bye Blues
Lunceford, Jimmie: Uptown Blues; Jazznocracy (early)
Lyman, Abe: California. Here I Come
Madriguera, Enric: Adios
Maltby, Richard: None
Manone, Wingy: Isle of Capri
Marterie, Ralph: Trumpeterís Lullaby; Carla
Martin, Freddy: Tonight We Love, Bye Lo Bye Lullaby (early)
Masters, Frankie: Scatterbrain
May, Billy: Lean Baby
McCoy, Clyde: Sugar Blues
McFarland Twins: Darkness
McIntyre, Hal: Moon Mist
McKinley, Ray: Howdy, Friends
McRae, Carmen-Unk.
McShann, Jay: None
Mercer, Johnny: Unk.
Messner, Johnny: Canít We Be Friends
Miller, Eddie: Lazy Mood
Miller, Glenn: Moonlight Serenade; Slumber Song (during the ASCAP ban)
Millinder, Lucky: Ride, Red, Ride
Monroe, Vaughn: Racing with the Moon
Mooney, Art: Sunset to Sunrise
Mora's (Dean) Modern Rhythmists: Unk.
Morgan, Russ: Does Your Heart Beat for Me
Morrow, Buddy: Night Train or Dancing To-night to Morrow
Moten, Benny: South
Murphy, Spud: Unk.
Murray, Kel: Unk.
Nelson, Ozzie: Loyal Sons of Rutgers
Nichols, Red: Wail of the Winds
Noble, Leighton: Iíll See You in My Dreams
Noble, Ray: The Very Thought of You (opening); Goodnight, Sweetheart (closer)
Norvo, Red: Mr. & Mrs. Swing
Oliver, King: Unk.
Oliver, Sy: Unk.
Olsen, George: Beyond the Blue Horizon
Osborne, Will: The Gentleman Awaits
Overand, Al: Unk.
Owen, Reg: Manhattan Spiritual
Owens, Harry: Sweet Leilani
Palmer, Jimmy: It's a Lonesome Old Town
Panico, Louis: Wabash Blues
Pastor, Brian: Unk.
Pastor, Tony: Blossoms
Paxton, George: None
Phillips, Teddy: Thankful
Pollack, Ben: Song of the Islands
Powell, Teddy: Sans Culottes
Prima, Louis: Way Down Yonder in New Orleans; Let's Have a Jubilee
Raeburn, Boyd: Raeburnís Theme; Melody on Moonlight Hill
Rapp, Barney: Skaterís Waltz
Ravazza, Carl: Vieni Su
Redman, Don: Chant of the Weed
Reichman, Joe: Variations in ďGĒ
Reinhardt, Django: None
Reisman, Leo: What is This Thing Called Love
Rey, Alvino: Blue Rey (opening); Nighty Night (closer)
Reynolds, Tommy: Pipe Dreams
Rich, Buddy: Rain on the Roof
Rich, Freddy: None
Richards, Johnny: Young at Heart
Rogers, Buddy: My Buddy
Russell, Luis: New Call of the Freaks
Sanders, Joe: I Found a Rose in the Snow (opening), Nighty Night, Dear (closer)
Sauter-Finegan: Doodletown Fifers
Savitt, Jan: Quaker City Jazz
Savoy Sultans: Jumpiní at the Savoy
Scott, Raymond: Pretty Little Petticoat
Senter, Boyd: Bad Habits
Setzer, Brian: Unk.
Severinsen, Doc: Unk.
Shaw, Artie: Nightmare
Shaw, Milt: None
Sherwood, Bobby: Elksí Parade
Sibulkin, Mel & Jean: Unk.
Sissle, Noble: Hello, Sweetheart, Hello; Iím Just Wild About Harry
Slack, Freddie: Strange Cargo
Snowden, Elmer: Unk.
Sosnick, Harry: Lazy Rhapsody
Spanier, Muggsy: Relaxiní at the Touro
Specht, Paul: Evening Star
Spikes, Reb: Unk.
Spitalny, Phil: My Isle of Golden Dreams
Spivak, Charlie: Stardreams
Stabile, Dike: Blue Nocturne
Staffon, Bill: Unk.
Stern, Harold: Now that Itís All Over
Stevenson, Carlyle: Unk.
Stewart, Sammy: Unk.
Stewart, Rex: Unk.
Straeter, Ted: The Most Beautiful Girl in the World
Strong, Bob: None
Teagarden, Jack: I Gotta Right to Sing the Blues
Thornhill, Claude: Snowfall
Tremaine, Paul: Lonely Acres
Trotter, John Scott: Unk.
Trumbauer, Frankie: Singiní the Blues
Tucker, Orrin: Drifting & Dreaming
Tucker, Tommy: I Love You (Oh, How I Love You)
Vallee, Rudy: My Time is Your Time
Ventura, Charlie: None
Venuti, Joe: Last Night
Wald, Jerry: Call of the Wild
Waller, Fats: Ain't Misbehavin'
Waring, Fred: Sleep
Washburn, Country: Unk.
Webb, Chick: Letís Get Together
Weeks, Anson: Iím Writing You This Little Melody
Weems, Ted: Out of the Night
Welk, Lawrence: Bubbles in the Wine
Wheeler, Doc & His Sunset Royal Serenaders: Unk.
Whiteman, Paul: Rhapsody in Blue
Wiedoeft, Herb: Unk.
Williams, Griff: Dream Music
Wills, Bob: San Antonio Rose
Wilson, Teddy: Jumpiní on the Blacks & Whites
Winding, Kai: Unk.
Wintz, Julie: Unk.
Young, Sterling: Blue is the Night
Zentner, Si: Up a Lazy River
Zurke, Bob: Hobson Street Blues